Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Sun and rain

The weather is funny today. One moment the sun is out and the temperature rises to a comfortable, if not warm summer level, only for the sun to disappear, the temperature to drop quickly; and before you know it big drops are falling from the sky.

Nature loves it!! It definitely thrives this summer!

And, if for nothing else, this type of weather does create the most wonderful picture opportunities with some moments towering white cloud formations against a back drop of blue skies, and the next dark grey, almost bluish clouds that really sets off the trees still highlighted by the sun.

Observed as elements, this kind of weather allows for fire and water to exchange places any number of times in a day. Looking at it that way, it would give us the opportunity to ponder our emotions.
How do we experience our emotions? Do we feel them and sit with them endlessly? Relish in them even? Or do we fully enjoy the good times, while noticing the ‘bad’ emotions as signals to change direction in our lives?

Emotions, or the water element, definitely has a place in our lives. As long as we don’t get stuck with them. On the other hand, actions, or the fire element can help us change direction, or take steps in the direction we set out in already. A good thing as long as we don’t forget to take time every once in a while to smell the roses.

So, perceiving this changeable weather as elemental qualities, may point us in a direction of re-examining how much time and energy we spend with our emotions, and how much time and energy is action oriented. Do we have a productive balance between the two?

Yet the most beautiful aspect of these days when sun and rain change places so often are the rainbows that keep popping up!
The colors reflected in the rain just outside the window. The colorful bands of energy that span both sides of the landscape; sometimes twice, one above the other…

They are truly bridges.
Bridging two sides, whether physical or in energy; or even etheric. And as the bridge they are they span the whole spectrum, from deep indigo to bright red, and everything in between.

I can’t help but wondering when I see a rainbow, where is this bridge leading to?
Is it pointing me into a new direction? Is it guiding me toward unknown places, new energy frequencies?
Or is it just trying to get my attention to hand me that ~ when finally I see it, obvious ~ solution I was searching for?

Friday, August 29, 2014


Untitled implies undefined; literally unnamed.
It could give the impression that whatever it is, may not be important enough to bother with. Not interesting enough to take a look at…

Yet, mostly by mistake and my yearning to at least ‘save’ the file before it gets lost, every once in a while I find documents on my computer with the name: ‘untitled’. Had they been saved on my desktop ~ as I would normally save new documents to ~ I would probably have noticed and named the file appropriately.
However, sometimes the file finds its way into some folder that I, in all likelihood, had visited before. Not remembering which folder that might have been exactly; and being impatient about it ~ I probably would have duplicated and saved the document again; now on the desktop and properly named.

Leaving that untitled file hanging. Somewhere…

Yes, I know, this is a practice that can create numerous ‘double’ files in different locations. Yes, I know, it may not be the best way to use my trusty computer’s memory… But hey…

What it does do is that every once in a while I look for something and I go to that one folder where it should be at (and chances are it is). And apart from that piece of information I was looking for, I find this document that says ‘untitled’.

Often it turns out to be a little present to myself. something that I normally would not have revisited, but that is totally fitting for what is happening in my life right at that moment.
And as such, it can give me pause to think.
It can be a reason to stop, step back, and ponder the thought as to what I am doing, and why…

Now, I am not advising anyone to adopt this sloppy way of saving their documents in such a way that they are hard to find. There is a lot to say for a neat desktop and a comprehensive system when it comes to filing your work, your pictures, even your random writings away.

On the other hand, when we encounter something unexpected, unknown, or ‘untitled’; especially when we are really busy with all kinds of things and are at risk of losing grip on the situation we find ourselves in ~ it is probably a good thing to stop for a moment. To step back, and to see what this unexpected, unknown, ‘untitled’ thing, file or experience has to tell us.
It may turn out to be something truly worthwhile!

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

At a snail’s pace

Sometimes life seems to move so fast we can hardly keep up. All kinds of things are happening in rapid succession, and before we know it we find ourselves having more balls in the air than we know how to handle. And from that moment on it is just a matter of time before we find them all coming crashing down ~ and ourselves scrambling in order to catch up with whatever is still going on…

Other days, it is almost as if time doesn't move at all, and it seems nothing is happening. No projects, no chores. Just the one, seemingly endless day with nothing to do, nowhere to go. A day that is taken at a snail’s pace.

It is a day like that which easily could be labeled as boring.
We may even feel antsy when it happens to us, for surely there must be something we should do, some place we should be, someone we should meet. There are bound to be plans we should make for future events…
And yet, nothing happens.
Time could just as well be standing still…

But then again, perhaps it is on those days that we can benefit from taking life at a snail’s pace. Slowly and steadily. Munching away on thins layers of algae we may not even see. Enjoying the perfect conditions to just put out all its feelers to become aware of everything the environment has to offer.

To just sit and let our senses expand.

To become aware of what is inside of us, our heartbeat, our breathing rhythm ~ as well as what is outside of us. Our energy. The color of our mood.

And pretty soon we may become aware of a different world where all kinds of things are happening. We may suddenly distinguish the whispers of the trees, the tweets of the birds; perhaps even the messages that are brought to us on the wings of the soft breeze. We may feel that the colors of the flowers become more intense, or smell the scent of a thunderstorm approaching…

When life happens at a snail’s pace, it often is an invitation to experience the world differently for a little bit. To take a deep breath, and relax.
And then when we focus again on our regular life, we may well find that the snail has long since be gone. It may have eaten its fill and found a safe place to rest, hidden from our eyes.


Friday, August 22, 2014

Life’s questions

There will always be a number of questions that, when we truly set out to answer them, can impact our entire life as we know it. One of such questions is the following:
“Do we live our lives for others, or do we live our life for ourselves?”

The question in itself is burdened ~ at least for me it is ~ with all kinds of immediate thoughts on that it is a good thing to help other people, that focusing on yourself is egocentric, and a handful more of similar statements that may or may not be cultural dependent.
Each and every one of those statements carries a judgement with it. And whichever way we live our lives, the one thing that cannot be a good thing is to judge ourselves or others.

So back to the question…
Living our lives for others would mean that our wishes, our desires, even the choices we make in life are dependent upon other people. It would, when taken to an extreme, come to a point where what we need in our lives has become less important to what the other person needs, or wants; or just fancies right there and then.
Living our life entirely for ourselves carries the danger that we are no longer operating from a perspective of what we need in our lives, or which desires we are willing to make come true; we might adopt an attitude that says: “I want that and I want it now, no matter what others think or feel about it, no matter what I have to do to get it.”

Looking at both parts of the question as true, even extreme polarities ~ neither one is very appealing.

Yet if we want to become the best we can be, the best person, the best in our field of expertise; then it is important to make our choices accordingly. Not from the perspective of what anyone else would do, need, want or desire from us, but rather directed by our inner compass. That inner guidance, or drive, that gets us moving in the right direction. That allows us to unfold those aspects of our lives we are passionate about.
That being said, if there is no-one around to share you accomplishments with, it can be a lonely road to travel…

So perhaps the answer to the question is that we are living our lives for ourselves, and with others.
Where, as we make our own choices, as we guide ourselves in that direction that is best for us, we find ourselves in a position where we can encourage others to do the same.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014


We all have our own motivation to do the things we do, to act the way we act, and to say the things we say. The fact that we are allowed to express our opinions in whichever way we see fit and to act upon them is one of those very precious things in life we call freedom…
That freedom has a lot to do with society and culture; with the people around us and the social mores we live by. In other words, at least at the surface this freedom is something that is granted to us by the society we live in; and therefore stems from outside of ourselves.

Our motivation to do, or not do something, to say something or be silent, to act or sit back is usually much more complicated.

Often our motivation is provided from outside of ourselves. For instance the motivation for being on time for the start of your shift at work may well be the paycheck at the end of the month, which you need in order to pay the bills. This may also be true when looking at the decision to speak up or not; very few people find the strength and courage inside themselves to become a whistle blower. And for good reason. Therefore the wiser choice may well be to stay silent…

Yet in this day and age it seems to be more and more important that the things we do ~ like our job ~ are something we are passionate about. Even though we may have to work harder to make a living, when we are doing something we feel passionate about it seems that ultimately the earnings come in more easily than when we are just ‘going through the motions’.
Doing the things we are passionate about usually are things that we feel motivated about from within. There is an inner drive, an inner guidance to set out and do those things. And when we do, we almost always feel more fulfilled as a result.

In other words, while there will always be an ‘outer motivation’ for any number of the things we do, our ‘inner motivation’ seems to become a more and more important part in making choices as to where to spend our time and energy. As to what we want to be part of, and what we choose to walk away from. As to what we want to say, and when to be quiet; and if we still want to speak up, how we choose our words.

As time goes on, our inner compass will become a more and more important part of our motivation for living our lives the way we choose to…