Saturday, August 27, 2016

The longest moment

When we are looking forward to a certain event, it seems like time moves more and more slowly. While at the same time it is moving way more quickly than we anticipated where it concerns those chores we still have to do before day’s end.
Similarly, something that only happened last week may seem like years ago, while something that happened a year ago feels like it only happened yesterday…

Time is funny that way!

Overall it seems like we have never enough time to enjoy the good things, while there is plenty time figuring out how to resolve the challenges that may pop up in the future, or dwell on hard times that once were.

The way we perceive time often is linked to our emotions. And it is only natural that we would like happy, pleasant, joyful times to last forever! The tricky thing is that we tend to also look at all the things that can go wrong. The plans that may not work out as well.
In a sense we look at all the what if’s, both in the past as well as in the future.

What if I had decided differently? What if I had told them the truth? What if I had taken into account that the unexpected happens and things can go wrong?

In doing so, it seem like the time flies by rapidly, and we don’t get anything done…

So what if we would decide to live in the longest moment ever? That moment that some may even say is eternity?
What if we would start focusing our attention right on this very moment?

Instead of bringing back memories of the past, or overplanning the future out of fear that something may go wrong; what if we would take a deep breath and look at what we want to do right now ~ be it a chore, something fun, or even meeting a challenge of some kind head on…

This moment right now is when we can make the biggest difference. When we can achieve the most. And our awareness of this very moment, right now, wil give us an inkling of what will come into our lives, giving us plenty of time to react appropriately to it, or even plan for the obvious solution.

So, what if it isn’t time that is moving, but rather events and situations ~ life in general ~ is moving in and out of this moment that is right now? Leaving us to be living our lives highly effective, and aware in the longest moment… Ever…

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Seven daises

Dais, according to the dictionary: a low platform for a lectern, seats of honor, or a throne. Middle English; from Old French deis, from Latin discus.

The thesaurus provides us with seven words for it, including ‘dais’: dais, platform, stage, podium, rostrum, stand; soapbox.

If we had those seven ‘dais’ ’, what would we be telling the world?

On the ‘dais’, would we tell about history? Something old, from long forgotten times? And if we did, would it be our own (family) history, or something more general? Something close to our heart, still pertinent today in some ways?

On the ‘platform’, would we talk at all? Or would we rather play music, the truly Universal language? If we played music, would it be a happy tune? Or rather a mournful song?

If we stepped on ‘stage’, would we be ourselves? Or would we be an actor ~ in a sense ~ just showing the world what we want them to see? Or even what we think they want to see?

Would the ‘podium’ be waiting for us to dance? To move, perhaps to a tune only we can hear?

And when we climb the ‘rostrum’, what would we want to sell? Would we sell ideas? Antiques? Or just those things we no longer need but that may have value to someone else?

Standing up on the ‘stand’, what would our message be? Would we dare making a stand? Making our message one that can truly make a difference, to ourselves and to the world in general? Or would we keep ‘playing it safe’?

And finally, when we find ourselves on our ‘soapbox’, would we be riding our ‘high horse’? Would we be shouting and screaming, ranting and raving for anyone to hear? About how we are being wronged? About how the world is ‘going to hell in a hand basket’?

Seven daises, seven perspectives.
Seven aspects of ourselves that we may or may not want the world to see or hear.
Stepping up to the dais ~ by whichever name ~ takes courage!

The thing we are all too often forgetting is that in our lives, we are the guest of honor! Therefore we are seated in the seats of honor; sometimes even on a throne!
So perhaps it is time to step up. To ~ at least to ourselves ~ be totally frank and honest, and to answer those seven questions as what our stories, music, performances, ideas, truth, or even ‘stuff’ would be, if we had seven daises.

I am certain it would tell us all lot about ourselves…

Friday, August 19, 2016

Smoke and mirrors

When there are lots of smoke and mirrors around us, it becomes hard to determine what is real and what is not. Therefore, whenever that happens it leaves us confused, uncertain what to do or where to go next.

However, when it is the universe holding up the mirror, chances are we are surrounded by smoke and the universe is showing us a way out!

The esoteric, or even spiritual perspective says that everything we come across in our lives is of our own making, as we are creating our lives as we are living it ~ second by second ~ through the choices and decisions we make. This means that anything we encounter is telling us something about ourselves and our lives. When good, pleasant things cross our paths, it ensures us that we are doing just fine! When trouble, difficulty or ‘smoke’ becomes part of our lives ~ however temporary ~ it invites us to take a look at something inside ourselves we may want to change or release.

So rather than complaining about whatever has entered our lives unbidden, we could benefit from recognizing it as a mirror being held up by the universe in an attempt to show us how we can make our lives easier, more productive, and more fun.

The concept is as easy as it is unpopular…
After all, it is much easier to point a finger at some cause for the trouble we are encountering. The downside of doing so is that we would accept neither responsibility for it, nor place ourselves in a position where we can actually do something about it.

By accepting that everything ~ and I mean EVERYTHING ~ in our lives is of our own creation, even when we don’t understand how we got ourselves into that mess, at least we have the power to change it.
In other words, with that acceptance comes empowerment.

Often whatever the universe’s mirror is showing us is much more immediate than “perhaps you were unkind to that person in another life-experience”, or “karma”.
It is more like if you are bothered by the ‘lack of cleanliness’ of a place, where do you lack purification within yourself? Do you stuff yourself with ‘junk-food’? Or are you accepting anything other people tell you as truth, even when it is not your truth? Are you ‘eating’ the demands and attitudes of those around you?
Or when you are going some place and all traffic lights turn red when you drive up to them, do you really need to go there right now? Or is the mirror the universe is holding up to you telling you that even though it is on your ‘list of chores’, now is not a good time to do this?

In the energy of this point in time, when we find ourselves surrounded by smoke, it is time to look for the (universe’s) mirror to find our way out!

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

It is not my fault

We are all doing it to a certain extend; when something happens to us that we are not thrilled about, we are quick to find a reason why whatever happened wasn’t our fault. Of course there are some instances where we will take responsibility, for instance when we have made an honest mistake. But there are a lot of things that may happen to us ~ let’s say in the course of a week ~ that ‘cannot possibly be our faults’.
For instance when we got cut off in traffic. Or that time when we got lousy service in a restaurant as they were serving everyone who came in, except us. Or when we stumbled over a loose tile on the sidewalk, when there are extremely long lines in front of the registers at the super market ~ or when it rains and we get soaked…

As it turns out, we can be quite creative in explaining why what happened wasn’t our fault.

However, if it were true that all those kinds of things are happening to us without our input in any way, shape or form, then this would mean that for the most part we are at the mercy of other people’s decisions, other people’s actions, and our own needs and desires become inconsequential. We are leaves in the wind, blown in whichever direction the wind blows today…

If we accept this as truth ~ and are okay with it ~ then there is no problem. We’d best keep living our lives the way we have up to now, and don’t rock the boat.

If we feel that we are missing something, that there has to be more to this, then there is good news on the horizon!
More and more it is becoming clear that we are designing our own lives up to the most minute details of what is going on. The good news is that we can do a lot about situations we encounter. The bad news is that ~ in a sense ~ it is always our fault.
Not from a guilty point of view, but more from a let’s pay more attention perspective. Becoming more aware of the signals we are receiving from life as it happens. Being more alert to our inner voice that tells us to do our shopping earlier rather than later ~ for us to find that there are no lines in front of the registers at all…

And when every once in a while something doesn’t quite go as planned ~ while it may not be your fault ~ we did create it into our lives, and it most definitely does have something to tell us!
Artwork by Anne Claire

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Why? (part two)

If we look at why we do, say or think the things we do, perhaps the most important objective is to observe the impact our actions, words and thoughts have on our lives, and yes, on the world in general.

From a spiritual perspective our thoughts, words and actions create our lives. And while that starts with just our own lives and our immediate environments, the spiritual perspective sees it as energy that moves out from us and ultimately affects the World on a global scale.
Therefore, it is in our best interest to create the best life we can muster for ourselves ~ perhaps not from a material or monetary perspective, but rather from a perspective of harmony and peace.

And as soon as we become more conscious of our impact on our lives (and the world), the way we answer the ‘Why?’ has a tendency to change.
No longer are we reacting ‘blindly’ to what people around us do or say.

We start reacting to how what is happening around us makes us feel. As long as we feel good about what we sense and see around us, chances are we are on the right track on our personal paths.
As soon as we start feeling frustrated, angry, or just plain out of balance by what we sense or see around us (or on the news), the ‘Why?’ becomes very personal:
“Why did I bring this into my life?”
“Why have I created this into my world?”

So, if we see a world divided, and we don’t like what we see; then what in our personal lives is divided? If we see people acting our their frustration ~ sometimes loudly, even brazenly, or on a large (global) scale ~ then what are we frustrated about in our own lives? If we see violence; what is festering in our own lives?

Why do we so easily accept the things that ‘aren’t quite right’ in our own lives, while pointing fingers at what is going on in the world around us?

The more aware we become on how we are affected by what others think, say or do; the better we can take conscious steps to counter it by addressing the things we could do better. More harmonious. More balanced and at peace within ourselves.

The least that does is it makes our personal lives better.
Yet why would it stop there? Chances are that when we create better, more balanced, more peaceful lives for ourselves; the world will become a better place!