Friday, January 20, 2017

Dark times

Everything has its cycle. Day and night, the moon, the seasons and the sun. And the same is true for our lives, and even cultures. A culture builds and builds, until at some point the scales tip, and often in a relatively short period of time a series of events occurs that bring it down. At first almost unnoticed; as whatever is happening is following the known, even valued process or the law. Things are down in the way ‘we do things’. “We are doing what is right”. But right for who? And is there a lack of flexibility when we hold on to possibly outdated processes and laws; no matter how much they have brought us in the past; no matter how much we have always valued them?
And then suddenly it becomes clear that we, as a culture, are no longer at the top of our game. Somehow other cultures, groups or people have taken over those things that where had such great strength to offer to the world; and we find ourselves on the dark side of the cycle.

The ‘night side’.

It is not necessarily a bad place to be, but it is vastly different from all that we have experienced before. When we look at the cycles of cultures one may even say that experiencing the dusk turning to night of that culture during our lifetime is a fairly rare event. The cycles of cultures tend to take any number of centuries, so being there, in that culture, right at the tipping point, is by no means a ‘given’.

But when we are there, right when that tipping point occurs, does also mean that we are in a position not only to witness it as it happens, but more than that we are in a position to direct it. To make it happen perhaps even faster than it would have on its own accord; or to prevent it from happening for another couple of hundred years.
After all, culture as defined by anthropologist E.B. Tylor, it is "that complex whole which includes knowledge, belief, art, morals, law, custom and any other capabilities and habits acquired by man as a member of society.” In other words, it is us!

In the past this tipping point has often coincided with a breakdown in communications. Either because of distances, because things taking place that would prevent efficient communication, like wars, or because that which was communicated from the top down ~ from the governments to the people ~ no longer resonated as true, logical, fair, or just to those governed by it. Thus creating unrest.
Eventually it would depend on the quality of the man (or woman) at the top which way the scales would tip.
Was he/she a good person? Fair and truthful? An ethical person wanting the best for all involved? Or was he/she a tyrannical person, dominating, prone to lying, and greedy? A corrupt, immoral person just wanting the best for him/herself?

The good person may well extend the bright time ~ or day time ~ of that particular culture, where as the tyrannical person may tip the scales to the dark time ~ or the night time ~ of that culture.

And as I said, the night side of the cycle is not necessarily a bad place to be. After a hard day’s work, we may be looking forward to the dark of night in which we rest and recuperate. In a sense the same is true for any cycle, even in the cycle of cultures that takes hundreds of years to complete…

Tuesday, January 3, 2017


We all have ideas. Some may be very practical, others may be more ‘out there’ or even be considered fantasy. We have ideas about what we want to do, or perhaps what we most certainly don’t want to do. We have ideas that we have grown up with; arguably the ideas our parents have passed on to us.
And we have ideas that are uniquely ours. Ideas that may start from our dreams, our ideals; and if we have the patience to just let them form, we may find that those are truly ideas that are ‘outside of the box’.

Whatever our ideas are, and wherever they originate from, there are always many ways to look at them. Each idea has multiple aspects, many facets; and it almost always depends on where we ourselves are coming from to determine which aspect of that particular idea we will see at that precise time.
This means that it can be fun to take an idea ~ any idea ~ and to, in our mind’s eye, observe it from any and all directions we can muster! It will give us different perspectives, and possibly new inspirations. And even when we can not truly envision all of the aspects of that particular idea; even if it becomes a mind game ~ sort of a ‘what if’ game ~ it takes us out of our (thinking) pattern…

And all of us step out of our thinking patterns in slightly different ways, seeing different aspects of that one idea. So by sharing the aspects we see of that idea, and the new lines of thought ~ the new visions that gives us ~ we can help others see the idea with ‘new eyes’. And ultimately help others see the world around us with ‘new eyes’.
Help ourselves and others to see ourselves with ‘new eyes’.

Personally I like to be inspired to see the world through ‘new eyes’; to see multiple aspects of just one idea. Even if that means that the way I look at things is a little quirky. I also like to share different ways of looking at things with others; I like to write about it, and talk about it.
I like to gain different perspectives, and will sometimes go out of my way in order to explore not just the idea, but what else is there…
What does it have to tell us?

Then suddenly it can become apparent that even the most fixed ideas have any number of different sides, different aspects to it!
So perhaps it is not the idea that is fixed, as much as it is the person coming up with it…

That being said, now seems to be a good time to explore further. To un-box ourselves and our ideas. To be inspired, open-minded dreamers who dream big and come up with grand ideas and truly innovative ways to look at the world!

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Return of the light

It is that time of year again when the light returns.
Whether we look at it from the physical, seasonal perspective of the Winter Solstice or from the perspective of the celebration of Christmas; these last days of the year are marked by the return of the light; or Light as the case may be.

With that, it starts a time of new beginnings. The most obvious one the beginning of the New Year. And that often spills over into our lives when we start the year with our New Year’s Resolutions; our decisions to make the New Year even better than the old one has been; to set out to become an even better person as we have been up to now in our lives…

With the physical return of the light on the Winter Solstice, our vital energy starts building again, enabling a greater focus on everything we want to accomplish over the next year. At the same time the days are growing longer again, literally shedding more light on just about anything we focus at so that we can see it with more clarity.
With the return of the Light as we celebrate Christmas, the inspirational Light returns. This is the Light that guides us ~ and while some may see this Light as outside of themselves, others will experience it as the inner connection to the highest counterpart of themselves. As this Light returns, it brings us closer to the (higher) wisdom we need to make the best, the wisest decisions in order to move ahead on our personal paths.

It means that just over a couple of days, both the physical light as well as the inspirational Light come into our lives to give us that opportunity to set our goals for the New Year ~ whether these goals are personal or even global. Independent from our drive to come up with the best New Year’s Resolutions, or whether we have given up on those entirely (as we tend to forget about them, sometimes as early as January 2nd when ‘real life’ begins again), we are pushed to look ahead, to make plans and set goals.

The timing gives us all the tools to see clearly what we want to do, and why. It gives us the light and clarity to envision the structure through which we will achieve the goals we set out to achieve…
This makes this time of year ~ on top of all of the celebrations ~ a truly productive time of year as well. Even if you just use it to create a little list of the ideas and plans that come up so you can revisit them later.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

The Christmas Spirit

It is the season! When walking the streets late afternoon and looking into the well-lit homes, Christmas trees are appearing one by one. And whether they are ‘fake trees’ chosen to battle the cost of the ‘real’ equivalent, or rather to save the environment, or whether they are the ‘real deal’ spreading the unmistakable scent of the forest ~ it truly doesn’t matter. What matters is the light it brings into our homes and our hearts.

And so, come December, the short days and long, dark nights are countered by a multitude of lights!

In some homes this goes together with a pile of Christmas presents underneath the tree. Others may have celebrated Santa’s arrival earlier this month. After all, even with Santa’s ‘super-powers’ he cannot be everywhere all at once…

It is all part and parcel of The Christmas Spirit.

In a sense The Christmas Spirit then becomes kind of a catch all phrase for that very special time at the end of the year. That time when we celebrate the return of the light. For some that may resonate more from a perspective of the Yule Tide, or of the Winter Solstice, while for others Christmas day has great appeal. It also coincides with the start of the new year; again whether we look at it from a seasonal perspective, or from the actual day and time the new year starts. And all of these things are neatly wrapped up in a ten day period; a time to get together with family and friends.

A time to spread the Light and the love. A time we keep bringing to our minds and hearts our yearning for peace ~ be it in ourselves, our families, our direct environments and communities; and ultimately throughout the world. After all, we all desire to prosper in the very best energies the Universe has to offer to us, just as we have to offer to each other: Light, Love and Peace.

And in that spirit, filled with all of the Light and Love the season has to offer, we can come up with the plans of those things we want to bring to fruition over our next year. Making this a perfect time to set our goals, both personal as well as our job-related goals. And a great time to dream ~ and dream big ~ about the things we would really like to do or experience; even though they may seem out of reach for now…

In that way, when we bring The Christmas Spirit to life, we are certain to set ourselves up to experience the very best in our lives and in our world!

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Winter Weather

It is that time of year again. The leaves have fallen off the trees, the days are almost at their shortest. And depending on where you are at, the weather may be anything from dreary to plain nasty. Although in some areas it can also be nice and clear, and probably very cold.
It is the type of weather the that seems to invite us to get ourselves a warm drink, and to curl up on the couch with a good read. To enjoy the warmth and the light ~ the entire atmosphere ~ of our home environment. In a sense one could even say it is a time to rest before all kinds of activities start happening again…

These last few days of Fall, when the Winter weather has already set in, are precious in that respect. They signal a time of preparation in the cycle of the seasons. Not the preparation for the next year as we find during the Winter months, but more a preparation of ourselves. All that needed to be done before Winter has been done, and although the Winter weather has taken hold, the Winter energy is not quite there, giving us a little time to sit down, to take a deep breath, and to center in that point of Light within. Giving us time to to listen to that inner voice as it tells us what a great job we have done this past year. A time of quiet reassurance that we are indeed right where we need to be on our personal paths, and from that perspective allowing ourselves that little pause to look around and observe where we are at without the immediate need to take action on any of it.

For some of us this means to literally sit back and enjoy the warm drink. For others it can be more restful to seek out the storm while walking on the beach, enjoying the white, foamy heads that appear on each wave as it rolls onto shore where it releases the foam to the wind and the sand.
Whatever activity ~ or non-activity as the case may be ~ is most to your liking in during these last weeks before the Winter Solstice; be sure to set aside some time to do them. Even if it feels like you are indulging yourself for no reason; treating yourself without ‘having earned it’.

Because in the grand scheme of things you have earned this little time to just be with ‘you’ and the early Winter weather. And permitting yourself that little time to step back and enjoy ~ even if it is just an afternoon ~ will truly prepare you for the new energies the Winter Solstice will bring in…