Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Two things in life

Where I live there is this advertisement on the TV that states that there are only two things in life; the things that are worth it, and the rest.
And every time I hear these words, I get this little pang of recognition; even though I am still not entirely clear on what the add is for. It is about this very simple way of sorting through everything that comes our way in life. The simplicity of a ‘yes or no’ decision.
Either it is worth it, or it is not. Period.

And I have to admit that I would like to actually look at things in that manner. With every little or big thing that crosses my path ~ of which I feel I have to do something with it ~ to just use that discernment and decide whether that particular thing is worth it to me, or not. Whether it is something I want to go for, or if it is something that I can do without. Without judgement as to whether it is good or bad; just the decision that is is or is not something I want in my life right now…

This is true for material things, but also for concepts, thoughts, attitudes, and even people.

It is an approach that is fairly foreign to me. I was raised that one has to help others, be polite to others, make time for others; and of course get a certain education, a suitable job, drive a reliable car, and on, and on, and on…
And while I have chosen differently in many of these things, it still is a challenge to view the world around me with a simplicity that neatly divides the world in two. The things I like, and the things I don’t like. The things I desire, and the things I don’t care for. The things that are worth it, and the rest.

From my personal perspective. So something can have a factual value, yet if I have no need for it, it is still not worth it to me…
No maybe’s, or perhaps. No ‘let’s try later’. No excuses. And no need for pro’s and con’s, or even to defend my decision. It would cut out a lot of drama from life as the reason for the ‘yes, or no’ decision is upfront and personal; in a good way. No second guessing, no choices we make in order to appease others, or to behave according to expectations…

The only thing that counts is the realization of those two things in life; the things that are worth it, and the rest.

It would be a breath of fresh air.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

What we have not

Sometimes it is a good thing to step back from our lives, even if it is just for a couple of hours, and to look at how we live our lives. Where do we focus our energy; where do we spend our time? And perhaps most important how do we see our lives. Do we look at all the things that are positive, the things we have accomplished? Or are we looking at the things that we still have to do, the things that we have not yet been able to do, and maybe even the things we don’t have in live ~ both material as well as immaterial?

Somehow, how we view our lives seem to be related to what is going on in the world today; or more precisely, what we see on the newscasts about what is happening all around the globe. The more positive the newscasts, the more positive our outlook on life seems to be. The more negative, the more we seem to focus on the things that aren’t right (yet) in our lives.
In other words, the information we receive from outside of ourselves ~ even from outside of our environments and therefore our lives ~ influences how we see our direct environment and what is happening in our lives. What is happening with us.

This can place us in a somewhat dangerous spiral as the more negative the information from around the world becomes, the more negative we view our lives, and the more negative we see ourselves.

The question then becomes if, and if so how much, whatever is going on in far away places is affecting us on a personal level, and what we can do to change those things. And that is not quite as straightforward as it seems. Seeing the horrific images of war, hunger, and illness on TV really do affect most of us. The problem is that a lot of those things are well beyond our realm of influence, and therefore, on top of not feeling good about them, we are powerless to do anything about them. Which has a tendency to make it negative influence on our lives even greater. And pretty soon our focus is on all the things we have not. The things we cannot do, or have, or believe…

And even when a lot of things in our lives are going really well; as soon as we focus on the things we have not, cannot do, will not believe are possible; we make it that much harder for ourselves to be positive and accepting. To receive the goodness of life.

So rather than allowing ourselves to focus on the things that we have not, we cannot do, or we will not believe possible; we should focus on what we do have, the things we can do, and our positive vision for the future. To be grateful for what we have now opens the doors to a wonderful future!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Looking in the mirror

When you look in the mirror, what do you see? Do you see an ‘anonymous’ face, still half asleep, not wearing any make-up yet? A tired face showing signs of yet another day of trying to do too many things in too short a time? Or do you see the picture of health and beauty?

There are many things we can see when we look at ourselves in the mirror. Anything from the cold, hard reality, to the mask we wear when we go out into the world. That reflection of ourselves that is sometimes so unforgiving, and at ashore times more flattering than we ever thought possible.
Yet most of us just look at the superficial image. The surface of who we really are. And all too often we then feel the need to enhance that image into the picture we want to project out into the world.

But there is also another side to what we can see in the mirror. A deeper level.
If we are willing to look at ourselves with total honesty, to really see every aspect of us that is there ~ whether we are willing to show it to the world, or rather keep it hidden ~ then it might be a good idea to take some time and look in the mirror…

To observe to color and tone of our skin and the measure of health that reflects. The creases that may show when we smile; or perhaps the beginning wrinkles caused by too many frowns.
To look ourselves in the eyes, and see the attitudes, the joy, the experiences we have gained throughout our lives; and perhaps also a tinge of sorrow.
To notice our energy, that which we project into the world without even knowing it…

And when we are courageous; to perceive deep, deep inside ourselves that wonderful, unique, radiant being, filled with potential which all too often we keep hidden. Our true Self.

Wouldn’t it be great if that true Self would shine through a bit more? If we would live its uniqueness, and plan to achieve its potential?

And even if we don’t know what that potential is exactly, or how precisely we would go about letting our true Self shine through; how to live reaching for the highest goals of the true Self ~ as soon as we have the honest intention to start doing just that, magic happens.
Before we know it, our lives will begin to show subtle changes. Things may fall into place just a tiny bit easier. day to day life may just get a little more smooth…

So when we look in the mirror, it might be a good time to see beyond the surface and to start acknowledging ~ even if that is just to ourselves ~ what a beautiful, wonderful, unique person lies beneath that first glance appearance…

Friday, November 14, 2014

Our senses

We all have our senses, and therefore it makes sense that we gain input from our senses. After all, isn’t it true that ‘seeing is believing’. Not thinking, not reasoning, no, seeing is believing. That which we become aware of through our senses we can believe in.

And while ‘seeing’ arguably is the sense we use most in our day to day lives, it is no more or less important than our other senses: hearing, smelling, tasting, and feeling. The input we get from each of our senses determines our experience of life. We can have reason to say that this person is a good person, and yet, we ‘can smell a rat’. An argument that is being made can sound perfectly reasonable and logical, and yet we may feel that there is ‘something fishy’ about it…

So in the way we use our language we are fairly clear on the importance of what our senses are telling us. While logic can be twisted into a predetermined outcome, our senses take the information they pick up at face value and presents it to us, leaving it to us to find out whether it rings true to us.
It allows us to become aware of whatever is happening around us. And the more aware we become, the easier it gets to stave the information against our inner measure of truth.

The more aware we become, the easier it gets to pick up on the untold information. The information that lies in the tone of voice, the body language, the way the eyes wander away while the story is told. Sometimes up to the point that we sense on a physical level, and at the same time we sense at a non-physical level; or even an inner level. One could even say that we have our physical senses and our inner senses.

As we use our senses more and more, we gain ~ both on an outer or physical level as well as on an inner level ~ an enormous amount of information. And not just any information; it is exactly that type of information we can believe in. We can believe the information because we have become a part of the experience of our direct environment.

Of course there are also times when our sense can play tricks on us.
For instance when it is dusk; that time between light and dark when shadows change the way we see things, and the soft, misty veils give sounds that new, different pitch. Or when our minds are set in a conviction of what is going on; when our minds are determined to only accept that which we have already chosen to agree with…

Yet it is when our minds are open to make sense of our sensory input that we can most benefit from both our senses and our reason.

Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Throughout our lives we spend quite a bit of time learning things. Useful things like reading and writing, things we use every day of our lives. And then there are things we wish we had learned in school, and dependent on how much time we want to commit to it; we catch up later in life taking specific classes in those areas.
Perhaps the most difficult things to learn in class are the tools to live a productive life. The tools we need to make our dreams come true. The tools we need to become all of who we can be; to explore our potential to the fullest. Traditionally we learn those things ‘on the go’. We pick up on them as we come across a situation where those skills are needed.
We learn them from experience.

That being said, there are all kinds of classes and workshops that intend to teach us exactly those things; with the promise that our lives will be enhanced mightily after having taken that particular class. Once we embark on a journey of taking classes to experience life more fully, we may find ourselves in a position where after every class or workshop, there is always yet another class on the horizon, and another, and another…
It eventually may get us in a position where we have spend a lot of time learning things without really having tested them in ‘real life’. It is like we have a big cabinet with all kinds of things, tools, on the shelves without us taking any of it out to actually use it, and experience how whatever it is we learned can enhance our lives.

Only when we start using the things we have learned do they become skills. Learning them without using them, without experiencing them, ultimately doesn’t do us any good at all.

On the other hand, as soon as we start experiencing how things can work for us, it will start moving us forward on our paths just like that!

What this says is that whatever class we feel like taking, it will serve us best when it gives us a set of tools and tips that we can use in our lives immediately. When it teaches us something that we can try out that same day. When it motivates us to take that which we learned into our day to day experience right away.

As it turns out, a class that actually could accomplish that for us, doesn’t even have to teach us something new; the new thing in the class would be how we make it part of our life experience…
Because at the end of the day, experience trumps ‘learned’ every single time.