Tuesday, March 29, 2011


The world today is a forgetful one...
The times when stories were committed to memory, and being retold to younger generations have faded into history. Nowadays we find our stories in the newscasts on TV. As we sit and watch the evening news we may comment to each other ~ talk about whatever news item is ‘hot’ at that instant ~  only to move on with our lives and forget about it the next day...

The old stories that were filled with mythical creatures, the parables through which we were taught the morals and (spiritual) insights of our parents and grandparents have been replaced by factual stories. And as the old stories were culture-specific ~ the modern day factual stories are coming from all over the world. It doesn’t matter where something is happening, if it is newsworthy ~ if it is story-material ~ we are certain to see it on TV within hours of it happening.
This way, we are told new and different stories every day, leaving us no time ~ even if we had the desire to do so ~ to ponder any one story long enough to permit it to become a story we can remember...
In the midst of the multitude of stories we are bombarded with each day, we tend to forget them just as quickly as they were brought to us.

Consequently, there are less and less stories that we would want to ~ or even are able to ~ remember so we can tell them to our grandchildren.

With the continuous need for new stories, for new input, we may find ourselves less and less reacting to them. Let’s face it, there are stories that we may not feel we want to remember for the rest of our lives, yet in that moment the action we can take now that we know the story can make a huge difference for those who are involved.
Whether our action is a spiritual action like prayer, meditation, or sending Light to those that are in the midst of that specific story ~ or send actual help through donations or even volunteering; through our actions we can make a difference. Through our actions we can become a part of it. Through our actions that specific story can become part of our experience...
And once that has happened, we are a lot more likely to remember!

Still, even with those stories that affect the world as they happen ~ and even may affect the world for years to come ~ are stories we talk about around the dinner table. We follow them on the news for a couple of days. And then, as soon as something else happens in a different part of the world, as soon as a different story is being told to us, we forget about the earlier story...

Friday, March 25, 2011


“Three things will last forever--faith, hope, and love--and the greatest of these is love.”

And while the greatest of these is love, hope is what keeps us going, especially when things in our lives are not going as planned...

Hope has the promise that, one day, things will improve! There is light at the other side of the tunnel! A brighter future lies ahead!

Yet hope in itself is just that. Holding onto our hopes may well enable us to cope when times are hard ~ it by itself is hardly ever enough to make things better. Ultimately, to improve on difficult situations action is needed ~ steps need to be taken in order to move forward into that bright future we all hope for.

This is where an interesting dynamic begins...
On one hand it is obvious practical, productive steps need to be taken ~ while on the other hand, without hope that these steps will actually bring us to the light at the end of the tunnel, we may not be willing to take them in the first place.
In a way hope keeps us from getting ourselves in a stagnant, even apathetic mood where any movement in whichever direction is squashed even before it begins...

This also means that when we want to help out those that are struck by disaster, suddenly finding themselves in devastating circumstances ~ just taking steps to bring food, water, and shelter to them ~ although acutely needed, is not enough. For to cope with the despair of a situation, hope is needed. Hope that while things will never be the same again, at some point things will get back to ‘normal’.

With hope, it becomes easier to have faith that whatever the steps, they are taking us in the right direction.
With hope, loving yourself enough to actually take these steps  ~ even if they are small and seem inconsequential in the grand scheme of things ~ creates an energy and a movement that allows things to start improving.

At the same time, if all that is offered is hope without any practical help, again chances are it is going to fall short from really accomplishing anything. Hope in itself is not enough ~ along with hope faith and love are needed. And some movement toward that bright future we are all hoping for.

In other words, “Three things will last forever--faith, hope, and love--and the greatest of these is love.” Yet without hope, faith easily can be lost. Without hope, love may not get a chance to show its formidable force. Without hope, the practical, productive steps may lag so far behind the actuality of a situation that goals aren’t reached.

Yet, without hope, only despair remains...

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Elements, a bigger picture

Just as all elements of our lives seem to work together perfectly ~ something may happen that throws everything off. This can be a situation that suddenly changes causing us to adapt and change our plans. For instance getting a promotion into a better job which requires you to move to a different city. Or, right as you may have given up to find the life-partner you were always hoping for, he or she walks into your life ~ with three kids, two cats and a dog...

Yet going back to the fundamental ~ if not metaphysical ~ elements of air, fire, water and earth; the elements of nature, they are infinitely more powerful than we can imagine ~ let alone comprehend. And the effects they can have on our lives can be devastating...

It is one thing when we use the energy of the elements to help us create the space, or the mood, we want to be in. When the initiative for the use of the elements lies with nature ~ things tend to happen on a much larger scale. Often creating changes that truly require us to reevaluate where we are standing in life, where we want to go, and how we want to get there...

At that point we hardly ever refer to the elements anymore as something that is helping us ~ we tend to describe it with words like: ‘Nature’s fury unleashed’.

The pictures it brings to mind are the storms that ‘eat up’ everything they find in their path, wildfires that decimate forests, flooding that leaves people to need to permanently relocate to some higher ground. And earthquakes that literally take the ground from under your feet.
In each case, nature’s elements expressed in this manner leaves us shaken to the core of our foundation. Not only those that found themselves in the midst of it all ~ but in this day and age when what happens in one spot on the earth travels faster than lightning itself ~ it has an effect on all of humanity.

It sometimes makes me wonder...
If the elements on a much smaller scale can help us get ‘unstuck’ and able to move forward again ~ is the same thing true for the earth? Is the earth using the elements the best way she knows how to create a new foundation, a new and cleansed space with new activities in order to be able to move forward?

If that would be the case, we are likely to be better off helping these changes, these expressions of nature, than we are fighting them... Yet, how do you help the earth itself?
Personally, I am a firm believer that this too starts close to home.
By helping ourselves, our families, our communities, we may find that the elements of our lives fit together in new and different ways we never noticed before ~ but that in the long run can help us move forward.

Friday, March 18, 2011


Elements can mean many things.
For me, when I think about the elements, I think about air, fire, water and earth ~ the four elements from which everything is built. From a metaphysical perspective that is.
As such, ‘air’ is not as much the air we breathe, as it is the space in which we exist and operate ~ the arena in which our lives take place. Fire then, has more to do with the movement within that arena rather than the actual flames of a candle or a burning log. Water, along these lines has to do with our emotions ~ with the way we feel about things ~ as well as how all parts, all elements, of our lives are brought together. Earth then is not the soil we walk on, or even the planet; but more the physical, factual manner in which our lives are happening.
This being said... Of course we do breathe the air, drink the water, warm ourselves by the fire, and walk the earth.

When these two perspectives on the elements are put together, they can result in an interesting ~ if not overwhelming ~ dynamic...

Let’s look at what we may experience when there are strong, stormy winds around us. Physically the storm may bring some ‘fresh air’ into our environment. Metaphysically, this strong movement of air may rearrange the space we live our lives in ~ and as such it may bring new ways of thinking, new ideas into our lives. A ‘brainstorm’ may be the result of the stormy weather.
Similarly physical fire, the candle flame or the fire in the fireplace, may well help us create the plans of action to move ahead. Rainy weather not only can feed and cleanse our environment, but can also alter our mood ~ our emotional state. And when we go out into nature we may experience the earth at its most nurturing ~ relaxing us, and helping us to center once again in the very core of our own, individual selves.

When we allow the physical and metaphysical perspectives on the elements to work together in our lives, we may find that when we can feel stuck in a situation a big rainstorm not only takes the blockage away, it also clears our minds so that we can think about the situation in a different manner ~ suddenly becoming aware of how to handle the situation differently ~ or even move on from it altogether!

We even can purposely use this dynamic to get ourselves into that space that we want to be in. Like when we light a candle before we meditate. Or when we take a shower to rinse away the stress of that day...

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Does believing it make it happen?

When your belief system and your conscious mind, your logical thoughts are aligned ~ it becomes a lot easier to manifest the things you desire in your life! Especially when the things you desire at that moment are the things the universe agrees you need at that moment...

Does believing it can happen, make it happen?

In the energies of today that hardly ever is the case. We will need to take physical steps, or even planned action to bring the things we desire into our lives.
We dream it, we think about it, we talk about it, we take the necessary steps ~ and as long as we believe it can happen; as long as we believe we are worth having this thing in our lives ~ we create it in our lives.

The more ways we find to give it focus and energy, the more likely it becomes we will create it.

But what happens when we turn the process around...
When, instigated by a news item on television, or because of predictions from a source we deem believable, we start believing that something might, and yes even can happen? More often than not, these things are things we consider to be ‘bad’ things. Things that are undesirable for ourselves and for the world.
Does our belief that they might happen actually make them happen? Or, in its polarity, when we bring ourselves to believing that they are not likely to happen ~ can we stop them from happening?

As a rule of thumb, just believing it is not enough.

But when we start fearing it will happen ~ this fear will add to the situation at hand, will give it more energy, and consequently will start bringing it (no matter how undesirable) closer to manifestation.

As human beings, we tend to think the worst. When we then also fear the worst may happen, and believe the worst can happen ~ all of a sudden we have created the starting point of a negative spiral...

The thing that is so important to keep in mind is that we ~ as human beings ~ are powerful and are able to affect not only ourselves and our direct environment, but also the world in general and even the universe!
And the best way to start bringing positive things into our world and our universe is to believe we can!

If we believe we can bring positive things and peace into our own lives, it becomes easier to believe we can affect those that are close to us...
As long as we believe we can make a difference in our own lives, we know that we can handle any situation we come across in the world around us. And when we do not fear what may happen, we are free to focus our belief, our thoughts and our actions on the best possible outcome!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Belief Systems

The things we believe in are hardly ever ‘stand-alone’ principles. More often than not they are part of a larger set of beliefs or a belief system. And while our own life experiences may ad up to things we belief in or belief to be true ~ a large part of these so-called belief systems we have ‘inherited’ from our parents, grandparents, and even teachers, friends, friend’s parents etc.
This brings up the question how much of our belief system we actually claim as something that is truly ours...

The things we believe in are, for a large part, stored in our subconscious mind. The subconscious mind takes that information on face value ~ regarding it as factual information to be brought up whenever needed; usually when a situation occurs that is similar as the one that gave rise to storing the information in the first place...
And, by its very nature, we don’t really take a lot of time or put in the effort on a regular basis to examine what it is we have stored in our subconscious minds.

And yet, that would be a good thing to do every once in a while, as the things our parents or grandparents believed in, are not necessarily things that are productive, or even beneficial in our lives right now. If we would really take a close look ~ we might come to the conclusion that we should have released those beliefs years ago!

There are also times that we don’t even articulate the things we belief in ~ even when they are brought up ~ but just refer to them through a sense or a feeling. “That feels right.” Or “That feels wrong.”

In those instances we may be faced with a dilemma. On one hand the information we are presented with is factually true (even statistically or empirically proven), and yet it ‘feels wrong’. By the same token, the information can be ‘feeling right’ without it being backed up by any kind of proof (yet).
So, do we go with how it feels to us? Or will the physical proof ~ or lack there off ~ weigh heavier to us as we make our decisions?

For a lot of people, if it ‘feels right’ ~ that’s enough to be comfortable in their decision. And maybe that is not as much based on the belief that the source of the information is reliable, as it is based on the belief that their intuition won’t steer them wrong.

It may well be that this is what our belief systems ultimately boil down to... If it ‘feels right’, if it makes us feel happier, stronger and more empowered ~ chances are that our belief system and the factual information add up to something that is good for us. Something we want to claim as our own.

However, if it ‘feels wrong’ ~ we should definitely take some time to see if either our belief system or the factual information should be part of our personal truth at all...

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

What we know is true vs what we believe to be true

We may know that we are good, productive, kind, loving, honest, respectful people who can take care of ourselves. We may be aware that there might be situations that can be more challenging than others ~ yet on the whole we will get by just fine!

At the same time we may believe that we are ‘stupid’ because it took us a little longer to learn to read when we were 6 or 7 years old. We may believe that we are ‘no-good people’, because we didn’t fit the environment we grew up in very well. We may even have come to the conclusion on a deep inner level that love hurts; that those who are less than honest and trick the system of society get further in life; or that respect is a fear-based sentiment...

These believes more often than not are things we were told by others, or shown by others when we grew up. And when we are told something over and over and over again, chances are that ~ at least on some level ~ we start believing it to be true.

So we may end up having two, completely different perspectives on who we are, on our abilities.
And where what we know to be true is stored in our ratio ~ in our logical, conscious mind ~ what we believe to be true is stored in our subconscious mind, the mind of our dreams; the mind that takes over the moment we are not consciously thinking about something.

The result is that, unless we consciously decide to do so, the things we believe to be true are never measured against the things we know to be true. This then, can put us in a situation where we are totally ‘with it’ when we are logically, consciously presenting ourselves ~ yet as soon as we direct our focus elsewhere we start projecting the subconscious picture of ourselves that we, on that deep inner level, believe to be true...

A duality like that can well become a major obstacle on our personal path; a definite challenge in our day-to-day lives.

For many people the answer to just one question, when answered with absolute honesty, is enough to help them become aware of a ‘knowing vs believing challenge’ in their lives:
“ I know I can do that. Do I believe I can do that?”

Others may want to get help from a practitioner or coach specializing in bringing what you believe to be true closer to what you know to be true.

Either way, the closer what you know to be true and what you believe to be true are to one another ~ the easier live gets to be!

Friday, March 4, 2011

So what can nature teach us about perfection?

Let’s have a look at that...

Nature accepts itself, its cycles, its strength and its power ~ allowing these to become a force.
The acceptance of ourselves often goes hand in hand with our senses of self worth and self esteem. When we don’t hold ourselves in high esteem; when we don’t feel we are worth it ~ it becomes very hard to accept ourselves, our strengths, our power; not to speak of accepting the fact that we are meant to be at the right place a the right time to create the best circumstance possible for ourselves ~ as that is a part of life’s natural cycles...

Nature doesn’t feel guilty about things it is doing, or is not doing.
It seems we always find something we can feel guilty about! About having fun while we should be working; about working while we should spend more time with family and friends; about doing the things we really want to do rather than the things others are expecting us to do or vice versa. About something we said ~ or didn’t say... The list has no end!

Nature always bounces back. It doesn’t allow itself to get beaten down to the point of giving up.
Sometimes we may feel that we have tried so many times; that we have run into roadblocks on our path at every turn ~ that we come to a point of not even trying anymore... We can become convinced that whatever it is that we desire to achieve isn’t going to happen. Period.

Nature adapts and changes ~ sometimes a lot more rapidly than we realize...
Us humans tend to not like to change. We may even see problems in adapting to circumstances that are changing. We seem to be more comfortable staying exactly where we are, doing the things we do the way we have always done them ~ even when we find that what we are doing isn’t quite as effective or productive as it used to be...

Nature gives abundantly, yet will always take care of itself.
When we give of our energy or our time, we tend to do so from either one of two polarity perspectives ~ either we give and give and give, forgetting to take care of ourselves, our needs and desires; or we give while always keeping an eye on a possible return. “If I help you with this, I have a future favor to call in.”

So in a nutshell, nature may be teaching us to:
Know and accept ourselves just the way we are.
To be honest and true to ourselves and to stop feeling guilty about it.
To take a step back from what we had trouble achieving to see if there is another way to go about it. To embrace changes.
To take care of our own needs and desires, yet to give abundantly and without there being any strings attached.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Nature is perfect.
The way it responds to its cycles ~ the seasons, but also the cycle of the moon with its effect on the waters of the earth ~ the manner in which it expresses itself wherever and whenever it can; the fact that it always comes back... takes over again the places it was banished from before. Without feeling guilty or resentful about having been banished in the first place... Never getting stuck in a sense of disappointment that it wasn’t welcome; that it could have done so much more if only...

Nature is perfect.
It knows it strength without having the need to boast about it. It realizes how powerful its energy is ~ whether it is allowed to flourish or not. It never has the desire to dominate. And whenever it engages in competition this is not done from a perspective that aims to harm its competitor, but only to allow the strongest, best adapted expression of itself to move forward in a changing world... And consequently the weaker competitor is not a loser; it just takes on a different role in the cycle of nature ~ knowing full well that both roles are needed in the grand scheme of things.

Nature is perfect.
Without fail it gives exactly that which is needed at that very moment. It gives freely and abundantly. Not only the oxygen in the air we breathe, but also the sense of peace when we are walking through nature; the joy of colors and sounds. It gives without ever having a second thought, without ever wondering what it gets back for its efforts ~ how it will get ‘repaid’ for what it gives abundantly.

We may not always like how or where nature expresses itself. We tend to take out the weeds from the garden. Like the manicured version of nature better than its wild variety. Yet, whether we like it or not, the plants we call ‘weeds’ do return. Nature doesn’t give up on itself...
We also may not be particularly fond of nature’s cycles ~ finding that we have a preference for one season over another. We can have a tendency to always want something different than what is here, now.

We often find ourselves having a hard time accepting. Accepting who we are, what we are, what we aim to accomplish, and that we are doing a good job with our achievements. We may feel that we are not doing enough ~ getting stuck in a sense that we are less than perfect...

Nature is. And its actions are based in that state of being and directed by the desire to express its potential to the fullest extend possible...