Friday, March 29, 2013

Just so

It is funny how we have a tendency to do the things we do in our own rhythm, our own structure, our own pattern even. And while this helps us do the things we want to do, the fact that these things ~ on some level at least ~ need to be done ‘just so’ can equally as much hinder us in our lives. Especially in the energy we are experiencing right now.

For instance when our pattern gets disturbed. Nothing major, just someone coming to visit unexpectedly, right when you would have normally done this particular task or chore. And even though the visit was loads of fun, and it was really good to see the person ~ when it is over you may be left with a feeling that ‘doesn’t fit’.
Logically of course, you could just start doing whatever it was you were doing when you got interrupted. You could pick up right where you left off and move on with live ~ be it perhaps on a happier note after the unexpected visit.
Yet in energy, in how it feels at that moment, that doesn’t seem to be the thing to do. It’s time has passed, and somehow it is hard to get back into it.
On the other hand, moving on with the next thing on your calendar may not quite seem fitting either...

Somehow, our ~ often subconscious ~ need to do things ‘just so’ has been thrown off by a simple, enjoyable visit, and now we find ourselves in limbo.

Most of the time it is not the end of the world when something like that happens. All it takes is a couple of hours ~ or in some more drastic cases a couple of days ~ to regain our footing and to get back to our regular program.

Whenever it happens to me it makes me wonder though ~ why do I get so caught up in how and when and what I do, that relatively simple things can throw me off like that? Where does this idea come from that puts me in a frame of mind where I have come to believe that it needs to be ‘just so’?
And perhaps more importantly, what can I do to change it?

Because I feel that this idea to have to do things ‘just so’ is keeping me from fully experiencing the present. It is keeping me from working with the energy I sense right now in a productive, fun, lighthearted manner ~ no matter what seemingly distracting event comes my way.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Think it, talk it, manifest it ~ again

While more and more people become better and better at manifesting the things they desire into their lives ~ it seems that an increasing number of people are at a loss as to what to do, where to go, how to act and react in the energy of today.

And when I listen to people talking ~ it strikes me that they are talking the same talk they always did, even though they may feel they don’t want to live the same life they always lived anymore.

It is sort of like song lines. The song lines are sung in order to keep recreating the environment alive and well, just as it always was. That way the world will keep existing, and on a more practical side, the paths and roadways will stay in place ~ an important fact if you need them to find your way...

When we keep talking the same talk over and over again ~ even when we know that the way we used to live doesn’t work anymore for us ~ than that is exactly what we are doing. Through talking the same talk, we keep recreating our lives the same way it has always been.
And then we are surprised that it is soooooooo hard to change...

But when we look at the three steps for manifestation, the reason why it is so hard to make things different ~ to manifest newness into our lives becomes clear.

We may realize that the way we have always done things isn’t working for us anymore, yet often rather than imagining new ways of doing the old things ~ we only complain about it not working anymore... In other words, we stop short of thinking what we want to manifest into our lives; perhaps something like our lives ‘working’ again. What would that look like? Would we still want to do the same things, or would we like to change more than just how we go about doing them?

And then ~ if we would treat our lives like a process of manifestation ~ we would benefit from talking about our lives as if we have made those changes already. Talking about different things we may want to start doing; or new, better, more fun ways of doing things we have always enjoyed...

Looking at the manifestation of our lives, it is like singing a new and different environment, or life into being ~ beautiful and alive, yet better suited to our needs and desires.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Think it, talk it, manifest it

When talking about manifestation, it is the shortest road to get that which you want to manifest into your life in three ~ sometimes not so easy ~ steps.

First it is important to think, to imagine, or even to envision what it is you want to manifest into your life. And not just the object or situation, but also the impact in a broader sense ~ the consequences. After all, even with something simple as the latest and greatest smartphone you may wish to manifest into your life, there are consequences. It is not just the initial payment for the smartphone, but there are monthly payments, and then when you use more than your allotted MB’s surfing the web ~ there are extra payments for that too. Yet there are other things that come with it, like now you can be reached wherever you are, now you always have a camera at hand ~ and then there is the temptation to listen to music when you are not on the phone ~ which cuts back on random communication with people around you. These may all seem benefits ~ but is that really true? Really??

Anyway, once you have decided what it is you desire to manifest, now it is time to start talking about it. To start planning how you will go about getting it into your life ~ perhaps even to the point where you can see in your mind’s eye what your life will look like once you have manifested the object of your desires into it. Chances are that pretty soon you have thought of a way to make it work...

And that then leads to the final step of manifestation; the point in which it actually becomes part of your life.

Often there is no magic to it. You determine what it is you wish, you decide to go for it, and then you do it.
Yet sometimes it can work in ore mysterious ways ~ there are those occasions when as soon as you start talking about what you would like to bring into your life, it seems to just appear out of nowhere. Whether it is given to you, or you suddenly and unexpectedly receive just the amount of money needed to obtain it... One way or another, without any ‘hard work’ on your part, it is there in your life. Just as you had wanted it.

If something like that happens ~ chances are you not only wished for it, or wanted it, but ~ at least according to the Universe ~ you also needed it.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


In the energy of today, the polarity of ‘being present’ is not necessarily ‘being absent’; or even being absent minded. It is more like being on ‘automatic pilot’. Doing all the things that need to be done without thinking. Going through the motions like you probably have done a hundred times before...

And in the energy of today ~ it seems more than ever before ~ being on ‘automatic pilot’ we are setting ourselves up for the unexpected. For roadblocks on the oh so familiar path to the accomplishment of our chores. And while it seemed that doing whatever needed to be done on ‘automatic pilot’ was an efficient way to go, chances are we are finding out that this is no longer the case...

When we are present, mindful even of what we are doing while we are doing it ~ it is done faster, more efficient, and with the big bonus that we are not likely to be surprised by unexpected detours or roadblocks. When we are present we can adjust, even change directions altogether in anticipation of what is happening around us.

This is true as we are doing our every day chores; yet it is especially true in communication.
Being present in communication with others makes it easier to ‘read between the lines’, and to pick up on body language and ‘knee jerk reactions’. Things that may give us just that extra tidbit of information that can make the communication into a success rather than a strained effort that fails to come to a conclusion.

And the same thing is true for any communication with ourselves. The communication with our inner selves, or our subconsciousness ~ as even our intuitive insights may pop up on ‘automatic pilot’ every once in a while.
Being present with ourselves we may find our intuitive insights more concise, perhaps even more detailed than we have experienced them before...
Being present with our inner selves can bring clarity as to why the things that are happening to us are happening in the first place ~ giving us a better understanding and therefore a better chance at resolving the situation before it becomes a problem...

This means that if there is one thing that we would benefit from right across the board in everything we do in our lives ~ it is probably ‘being present’. To stop living our lives on ‘automatic pilot’, and to be engaged in and mindful of everything we do.

Friday, March 15, 2013


Us humans, just like all other living things, are vulnerable creatures.
When looked at in the grand scheme of things we turn out to be quite fragile. It doesn’t take much for us to ‘break’, whether that is in a literal sense ~ for instance in an accident ~ or as in a breakdown of our system due to environmental influences ~ be it food related, air quality related, or even something in the soil we live on.

It seems that with the ever higher frequencies of energy that we live in at this point in time, our vulnerability is growing exponentially.
And with it more and more voices are heard telling us that the rate in which changes are occurring is so fast that our systems cannot keep up. We, as humanity, are having trouble to adapt to the new circumstances ~ and to a certain extend are therefore left more vulnerable than we may have been in ages. With the difference that throughout history we may have been vulnerable to outside influences like foul play, a harvest that was destroyed ~ be it through weather conditions or through war ~ or through epidemic diseases that came along with unsanitary living conditions.
Now, it looks like we are vulnerable from the inside out.

One way in which this vulnerability seems to express itself is through allergies.
The way to handle the allergies is, certainly in this time of polarities, very diverse...

On one hand doctors find, for example, that there is an explosion of asthmatic symptoms in their patients; placing the search for the cure to asthma and COPD in the spotlight.
On the other hand, more and more people are taking a close look at their lives. At the food they eat, the air they breathe, and yes, at the patterns of their lives in general. Is the (relative) luxury of life worth the stress?

Or is it time to change directions in favor of a simpler, less stressful lifestyle? To start eating less refined, whole foods. To create a new awareness, and therefore a new relationship with our space ~ both our literal space as in our home, as well as our personal space; the space our energy needs to function in.

There are countless accounts of people who say that they are healthier, stronger, more vital than they have been for some time ~ just by making those type of changes in their lives.

If just a handful of fairly simple changes can leave us less vulnerable ~ it is probably something to keep in mind the next time when we feel the need to evaluate our lives.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The best possible outcome

Whenever we are working on something, we are working toward ‘the best possible outcome’. What the best possible outcome actually is, depends on the project at hand ~ and very often on our definition of ‘success’. If our definition of ‘success’ involves a monetary perspective, chances are that in our ‘best possible outcome’ money is involved. On the other hand, if our definition of ‘success’ has more to do with following our heart’s desires, what we envision as the ‘best possible outcome’ may not have a monetary aspect at all.

From a spiritual, or even universal perspective the ‘best possible outcome’ more often than not has to do with our personal growth. With the lessons learned. With experiences we have as we move forward along our personal paths.
As such, the spiritual perspective on the ‘best possible outcome’ may be vastly different from what we have dreamed up in our own conscious, logical minds as the ‘best possible outcome’. After all, us humans really love to have happy endings...

But what if your personal path takes you into serious illness? From our human perspective that is about the worst that could happen to us. However, from a personal-growth perspective it may well be an experience that will allow us to move forward on our paths with leaps and bounds!

It seems that perhaps the biggest difference between our logical perspective and the personal-growth perspective are our emotions. As opposed  to the spiritual world, our emotions allow us humans to learn our lessons in the earth plane. From the spiritual perspective we are cheered on with every step we take on our personal path of growth ~ whether that involves pain and suffering or winning the multi-million dollar lottery.

That being said, the energy of this point in time does allow us more than ever before to adapt and change our ways mid-stream. And as soon as we figure out how to bring our logical perspective and the spiritual, personal-growth perspective on ‘the best possible outcome’ together ~ our rewards can be greater than we ever dreamed possible!
And looking around in the world today, this seems to include financial and health issues just as well as smaller or more subtle ‘best possible outcomes’.

It does require for us to be courageous enough to be willing to look at all the aspects of what is happening in our lives. The good the bad and the ugly. All without judging ourselves because of it.
Just observing what is at play, how we feel about it, what it has to tell us, and what we feel we are learning from it.
The ultimate outcome may still not be a good or desired outcome, let alone what we perceive as the ‘best possible outcome’. Yet chances are it has permitted us to learn and experience invaluable lessons on our path of personal growth.

Friday, March 8, 2013

When things fall apart

With the Winter Solstice of 2012 the world hasn’t come to an end ~ and yet it seems like ever since we are living in an energy that is breaking down things. Perhaps not actually breaking things, yet it seems that suddenly our plans don’t work out anymore, prospects don’t materialize, projects just don’t get started...

The least that happens is that priorities change ~ and sometimes quite drastically. But there are also more subtle changes, like a change in taste; the food that always was your favorite, suddenly doesn’t taste quite as good anymore. Or changes in personal rhythm ~ an evening person who isn’t quite as active in the evening, or a morning person who now has an urge to sleep in...

In the energy of today nothing is like it was ~ and when we keep acting like nothing has changed we are in for a surprise! Because before long we may see things falling apart all around us. It is like the Universe is giving us a giant push to get our acts together and start working with the energy that is rather than the energy that was.
And while for some the changes indeed are as minor as changes in personal rhythm or what food tastes best ~ others face huge transformations that have enormous consequences; for instance financially or health-wise. Like an income that unexpectedly falls away. A change of heart as to how we want to spend our time and/or energy resulting in a possible difficult passage from how it was to how we want it to be. Or an unanticipated diagnosis of what seemed more of a ‘nuisance-complaint’ rather than an actual illness.

When things fall apart ~ in whichever manner ~ in our lives, it feels like we are stripped down to our core. Everything that we counted on always being there, everything we had taken for granted falls away ~ leaving us standing there, vulnerable and seemingly alone.

In that position, priorities have a tendency to become crystal clear.
All of a sudden, sifting through what is and what isn’t important in our lives is a surprisingly easy thing to do. Our heart’s desires become very obvious. And while we may not know exactly how to get there ~ that first step often is clearly visible to us.

When things fall apart it is a major thrust from the Universe to re-evaluate our lives. To re-align with the energies that are present now, and to let go of all that has been before. To follow our heart’s desires as we take the next step on our personal paths.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Journey into Peace

We are all on a journey.
In an ideal world that journey would be a peaceful one, yet for most of us it turns out it is a journey that has its peaceful moments as we are involved with the hustle and bustle of our everyday lives.

There are always so many things to do! Just the practical things like grocery shopping, doing the laundry, cleaning the house... Staying in touch with friends and family. And then there are the demands  our jobs put on us.
All these things are just the normal things we encounter living our lives ~ all these things also make us very busy people as we try and keep up with them, juggling our calendars to make everything fit. It seems that all too often we have a tendency to overcommit ourselves. To want to do more than our time or our energy allows for.
And as we are so intent on ‘what is next’, we may forget to make time to take a deep breath and focus on the sense of peace we so desire.

This changes with the arrival of Winter, as our energy turns more inward. Suddenly the yearning for that quiet place, that peaceful space within ourselves is right there.
The Holiday Season then gives us the time (at least after all the shopping and gift-wrapping is taken care of) to direct our attention to other things, new things. To our plans. To thoughts on what would make this world a really beautiful place to be in...
We wish for a peaceful world. And perhaps even for some peace and quiet. Because deep inside we know that all our creative endeavors, all the new and wonderful plans we want to bring into our reality these coming seasons can only stem from that point of peace deep inside ourselves.

It makes this time of year a great time to take that journey to that peaceful quiescence in the core of our being. To connect with the reality of ourselves from where we can be aware of the things we need rather than the things we want, or the responsibilities, the obligations we have.

As we permit that peaceful quiescence to fill us, as we start breathing in that stillness while exhaling peace ~ we quietly start spreading that energy that is ‘peace’ from inside ourselves to the world around us.
And the stronger our personal journey into peace becomes, the better can we observe our potential, perceive our creativity, and distinguish ways to make them work for us in a practical, productive manner in our lives.

We are all on a Journey into Peace ~ every step of the way as we are discovering our brilliant uniqueness and are unfolding our greatest potentials.

Friday, March 1, 2013

In sync

Most of the time things just happen in our lives, one after the next. And while we hope that as they happen they will fit together ~ this isn’t always the case. Most of the time seemingly unrelated things come up leaving it to us to fit the pieces together into some workable whole.
And most of the time this works quite nicely.

However, sometimes it seems really hard to fit the pieces together. It is like there are pieces missing, the colors don’t match, and every time we think we can finally put together the whole picture ~ something happens that seems to make the pieces decidedly dis-congruent. Somehow the pieces belong to different pictures.

It can be the start of a long journey of discovery...
Searching for new pieces ~ and perhaps more importantly, which pieces belong with which picture; which pieces fit where. And yet every once in a while the search doesn’t bring that one picture together ~ it seems that with every new piece a new picture is started. And while all these pictures may feel like they are related ~ in which way they might come together stays unclear.

After a while all these related yet different pictures that fail to fall into place and form a solution become an ever more frustrating experience ~ leaving the desired solution elusive...

And then, out of the blue ~ perhaps even without a noticeable change ~ things start to come together. In some unexpected way all these different pictures start forming one, grand solution.
Life is getting in sync.

When life is in sync it is not just that one picture that finally comes together into a whole ~ chances are all other aspects of life also start coming together.
Often without making big changes to your life ~ often it appears that all that was needed was a new perspective. In a sense a need to look with new eyes. Rather than looking at what you thought the picture should look like, it is a matter of finding the similarities in all the different pictures and move on from there.

When life is in sync it becomes a lot easier to find solutions for problems; it seems like everything you want to do is a guaranteed success. It gives a feeling of being ‘on top of the world’.

In a way what was needed is an open mind; a way of looking at things at face value ~ without any preconceived ideas as to what the ultimate solution should be.