Friday, June 24, 2016


Unless we put in some effort to reproduce a certain shape, chances are there is no shape that is exactly like any other shape. Not in nature, in life, or even in the Universe. The shapes may be similar, and as such point to a specific tree, animal, herb, or even a specific type of soil that is nurturing them. Yet the more we look at them, the more we see the tiny differences between them.

And a lot of these individual and unique shapes can then make up a larger unique and recognizable shape. Like when we can say from a distance, just by an overall shape, that a particular tree is an beech tree. Or an oak tree. Or any other type of tree, for that matter.

Part of how each tiny part is formed into a unique shape that is going to make up the majestic whole, has to do with its circumstances. Where did it grow? Was it always standing alone in a field, or did it grow in a forest where it had to fight for the nutrients that would allow it to reach up to the light above? And is the soils its roots are growing in just suitable, or pretty darn close to the perfect soil for that tree? And is there a continuous wind blowing, always coming from the same direction? Or is it growing in a sheltered place? Are there people coming by to prune it, or even shape it into a miniature version of its brethren, or can it grow in all directions with unbridled vitality and creativity?

No matter what the circumstances, in nature each and every shape is perfect, and in exactly the right place. Whether it is a leaf on a branch of a tree, or the tree itself; it is perfect and unique!

The same is true for us.

Our circumstances vary greatly, as to where, when, how, why we are who we are. The opportunities that come with the circumstances can be polar opposites from one person tot he next.
Yet from a spiritual perspective we are all perfect and exactly where we are supposed to be…

The spiritual perspective looks at each of us as unique shapes that make up a whole, yet allows each and every one of us to walk our individual paths; learn our personal lessons.
From the spiritual perspective, a successful life is not the live where we grew into a ‘bigger-then-life’ figure with lots of worldly success attached to that, or even reaching a certain destination; it is a life where we learn and grow from walking our personal paths.

So some of us may be like that tree in the forest, forever reaching for the light, its shape thin and tall; while others may grow to be robust looking, spreading out the roots and the crowns to its furthest extend. Others still may be pruned over and again and end up gnarly looking…
And yet, whatever our shape, we are all perfect; and a perfect and important fit into the overall shape…

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Full Moon

There are many cycles we experience our lives, the cycle of the moon is one of them. And it is one that has a particular effect on nature and on all that is fluid in the earth ~ and in ourselves.

This makes that the high tide is just a little higher with a full moon. In ourselves it means that, whether or not we feel truly close to nature, that primal power within us gets activated. We may feel more alert, more awake, especially at night. We may receive more visions or insights as we are more connected to our subconscious when the moon is full. We may also feel more emotional, as our emotions are connected to the fluidity in our nature…

Let’s be clear, none of this is bad!
We are, after all, part of nature. And the idiosyncrasies we may experience with the full moon are not there to hurt us, or harm us in any way. They are there to help us.

Sometimes it is a good thing to have a big emotional outburst. To let it all out, to scream about it, to cry about it, and to let it go, so that it no longer is a burden in our lives. An emotional outburst like that ~ a lot different than a fight with a spouse or a partner ~ can make space for new things to start happening in our lives.

And the unexpected visions or insights can help us see a different aspect of a situation, give us a different perspective on how to proceed. And even if we don’t know where the insight came from, or how we became aware of the vision, more often than not we will find that if we act on it, chances are the benefits are considerable…

All it takes is for us to take a little time to see what is really going on in our lives that sparked our ~ sometimes unusual, or atypical ~ reaction to something. Especially when this occurs with the full moon.
And this perhaps is the reason we may not sleep as well, or as deep, with the full moon. Perhaps we are busy processing and observing our lives from an entirely different level of consciousness, without being interfered by any ‘logical’ input.

Therefore, the full moon is much more than a witch’s tale. It is far better than the annoyance of not getting a full night sleep.
When we learn how to work with the energy of the moon, the full moon can strengthen our connection to our core being, to our innermost self. It can be the impetus to create a new (emotional) space in ourselves. And last but not least, it can show us the unexpectedly productive perspectives that, while far from logical, can be tremendously beneficial to us!

Tuesday, June 14, 2016


A shadow is an outline of something that is placed in the sun ~ or in any other light for that matter. On one side there is the bright sun, nice and warm, and above all light, while on the other side its shadow is cast on the ground.
In and of itself, a shadow has no power to move or take action any way shape or form. It can only move if its origin moves, and as such it is locked to this origin for as long as there is light to shine on it.

The factual, logical perspective is very straight forward.

Our imagination is not.
To our imagination, a shadow can become part of its origin-form, and in that manner alter the origin form completely. For instance, an uprooted tree can become a monster quite easily that way. Perhaps not when the sun is out and there is bright light everywhere. But when it turns dusk, or in the light of the moon, it is an entirely different story. Suddenly our eyes cannot distinguish anymore between origin-form and shadow, and the mind starts creating entirely new and different shapes of whatever is before us…

Another part of our imagination has to do more with the what if’s of life.
For instance, what is stopping us from climbing the shadow of a tree? And nowadays, with smartphones and video-editing capabilities right at our fingertips, we can even make that sort of believable. We can walk a shadow line as if it were a tight rope ~ without any danger of falling from a great height. We can purposely create ‘shadow-monsters’ and bring them to life. To play, and have some fun with them…
After all, a shadow can be modified into pretty much anything we like it to be ~ in our imagination.

But what about the shadow of a fence?
While we can walk through the shadow of the fence ~ purposely, or because we are not aware of it being there in the first place ~ the fences still there. And still closed.
Logically, that is clear. But what if our defenses would cast a shadow? What if that boundary into our personal, private space would cast a shadow. Would it warn people? Would it tell them that while they can walk through the shadow, they should stay clear from that edge and not walk right over and through our personal space…

Could it be that the respect we have for ourselves and others is the inner light that casts that shadow? That subtle warning to not come in, unless invited…

Friday, June 10, 2016


Whenever we find ourselves stagnating or even stuck on our path, chances are that we are missing something; that we are not seeing the whole picture of the situation we are in. We may be focused on just one aspect of it, trying to come to a solution or perhaps just taking a next step ~ and yet, no matter what we do, we seem unable to move passed the point we are at.

In such a situation, one could say that we are blind, that we need new eyes to see the existing situation in a new and different light, so that we can ~ eventually ~ take new and different steps to resolve the situation, or break free from the stagnation we are experiencing.

There are many ways to gain a new and different perspective on life:
We can put the situation aside for a couple of days, and ‘start from scratch’ when we get back to it.
We can observe the point we are at in life from a meditative perspective.
We can ask friends or colleagues to give us their insights into what we are experiencing.
We can decide to focus our energy on something else entirely and ‘see what happens with it’.
We can find a class ~ or maybe a motivational speaker ~ that inspires and motivates us, often from an entirely different point of view.

Whichever manner appeals to us most in order to break free and get moving again, is bound to give us a boost. A boost in inspiration. A boost in energy. A boost in movement, or even motivation.

The thing all of these ways to gain a new perspective have in common is that we take a positive step in order to give ourselves a boost! And this boost then, usually comes with a new enthusiasm to get going on our path. Even if that means taking a detour, or choosing a different direction altogether.
Perhaps a direction we feel more passionate about. Definitely a direction that inspires us and gives us the boost to take steps in that particular direction. Even when we never thought that direction held much in store for us; at this point in our life it may well hold to key to ‘get un-stuck’ and move ahead.

While we are all traveling our path through life in our own, personal way and at our own pace; and while in doing so there are no wrong moves, or wrong directions ~ we may find that when we find ourselves stagnating it is not necessarily about an obstacle on our path, but rather about needing a little bit of a boost to take our next bold move.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Cats and Crows

In the mystical tradition, both cats and crows are good companions to have.

The thought is that each animal has an innate energy, or ability, with which they can help their (mystical) human companions. This way, cats are guardians. They keep the area safe from unwanted energies. Even our house cats will point out to us the visitors that come to our house that are on a similar path we are. In a sense turning up their noses and not paying any attention to those who are not. One of our cat companions of the past even kept feeding my images in order to tell me who had come calling in spirit…
When working with energies, a guardian like that is very useful.
A crow is said to be able to ‘pass through the mirror’; to be aware of what is happening on both sides of it, the ‘real world’ we live in, as well as ‘the other side’. That energy world that, more often than not, is veiled to us. And when something is going on that we should be paying attention to ~ in our real world, or in that other world ~ they will make lots of noise until we get the point…

For as long as I have been living where I live now, there always have been a couple of crows nearby. As it turns out, even though I live in the city, there are all kinds of interesting creatures calling this street home, among which, as said, crows and cats. Lots of cats.
And they have been guiding and guarding me, and bringing me messages for a long time.
(Crazy cat lady? Hold on a minute! Witch? Hmmmm, I prefer ‘Mystic’.)

Recently though, one of my cats has started making crow sounds. Whenever he wants to go outside ~ or come back in ~ wants some food, or just a little bit of ‘one-on-one’ time, he calls out with his ‘crow-voice’.
He has always liked birds, born over a chicken coop he likes the murmuring sounds they make. In his youth he would catch birds as he preferred ‘bird sushi’ over small, expensive, delicious morsels of canned food. But now that he is an elderly gentleman who has seen it all, he guards my place and talks with a ‘crow voice’.

Chances are changes are ahead.
Changes that may or may not have to do with that other world. But I bet they have to do with changes in energy, and direction.

And perhaps the best thing is that I have cats and crows to guide me through them, and keep me safe.