Tuesday, June 14, 2016


A shadow is an outline of something that is placed in the sun ~ or in any other light for that matter. On one side there is the bright sun, nice and warm, and above all light, while on the other side its shadow is cast on the ground.
In and of itself, a shadow has no power to move or take action any way shape or form. It can only move if its origin moves, and as such it is locked to this origin for as long as there is light to shine on it.

The factual, logical perspective is very straight forward.

Our imagination is not.
To our imagination, a shadow can become part of its origin-form, and in that manner alter the origin form completely. For instance, an uprooted tree can become a monster quite easily that way. Perhaps not when the sun is out and there is bright light everywhere. But when it turns dusk, or in the light of the moon, it is an entirely different story. Suddenly our eyes cannot distinguish anymore between origin-form and shadow, and the mind starts creating entirely new and different shapes of whatever is before us…

Another part of our imagination has to do more with the what if’s of life.
For instance, what is stopping us from climbing the shadow of a tree? And nowadays, with smartphones and video-editing capabilities right at our fingertips, we can even make that sort of believable. We can walk a shadow line as if it were a tight rope ~ without any danger of falling from a great height. We can purposely create ‘shadow-monsters’ and bring them to life. To play, and have some fun with them…
After all, a shadow can be modified into pretty much anything we like it to be ~ in our imagination.

But what about the shadow of a fence?
While we can walk through the shadow of the fence ~ purposely, or because we are not aware of it being there in the first place ~ the fences still there. And still closed.
Logically, that is clear. But what if our defenses would cast a shadow? What if that boundary into our personal, private space would cast a shadow. Would it warn people? Would it tell them that while they can walk through the shadow, they should stay clear from that edge and not walk right over and through our personal space…

Could it be that the respect we have for ourselves and others is the inner light that casts that shadow? That subtle warning to not come in, unless invited…

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