Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Energy Imprints

Everything has energy, or at least an energy. As interaction takes place, these energies are exchanged. And every once in a while enough energy of a similar nature gathers together to make an imprint. It is like that place, that area has come to expect that specific energy to be present.
Even centuries after the coming together of that energy has stopped...

When, in the olden days, talismans or amulets were made ~ it was usually done through energy imprinting; although in a much more conscious process. At least from the perspective that it was done with intent and purpose.

These energy imprints can also be felt in ancient sacred sites, but also in churches. And old roadways that long have been forgotten and have disappeared from any and all maps, sometimes can still be felt ~ almost as if the oxen is still pulling that cart over that trail that now no-one remembers.

Eventually those energies seem to sink into the earth itself, so that on the surface one wouldn’t notice them. In our abundantly populated cities, chances are that houses get built on the once busy road, and the place where once a tree was the place where the Goddess granted wishes may now be a bustling shopping mall.

Out of sight, out of mind.

And yet, when you are quiet, perhaps in the early morning hours ~ you might be able to discern that there is something there. A fragile, almost glass-like energy that seems to come out of the very earth itself as the earth releases some of the energy it was imprinted with long ago...

Often those energy releases are not quite as quiet and controlled almost when the earth is disturbed for whatever the reason. It can be because of an earthquake, because of heavy rain or an unexpected yet extreme drought. Or it can be because of work that is being done in the earth at that very spot that was imprinted with a certain energy long ago.
When the earth is disturbed, it is likely to let go of those energies, the memories that go with them, and even the smell of the ages.
It can give the impression that this area is occupied with more energies, even with more people than one might logically expect...

In the energy of today, more and more people, and especially children, have the ability to notice and observe these things as they happen ~ it can be a disconcerting experience.

However, as the old is released it gives the earth in that specific area a chance to start fresh. To be open to new interactions, new experiences ~ and maybe even a new imprint or two...

Friday, May 25, 2012


The actual meaning of ‘interpretation’ is the action of explaining the meaning of something. In this manner data can be interpreted ~ the numbers are then explained such that even those the numbers in themselves make no sense can understand what their impact is. Other fields that are subject to interpretation are: philosophy, computing, art, literature, performance, music, media, and law.

Now one might think that such interpretations are done by an interpreter, yet an interpreter is a person who translates speech orally ~ ‘on the fly’.

So far there are n surprises.
These interpretations are found in any dictionary.

Where it becomes interesting ~ and sometimes a bit scary ~ is when things are open to more than one interpretation. When the meaning given to something is more dependent upon the observer than on the presented facts.
This is fairly normal when looking at art, literature, performance, music and so on. As a child we may even have made a game out of it: looking at the clouds and seeing different ‘things’ in their shapes... Factually they were all clouds, yet looking at them we interpreted them as animals, flowers, fairies ~ whatever the particular shape of that cloud reminded us of...

It is something that seems to become more prevalent again. There seem to be more and more situations we may encounter in life that are open for multiple interpretations ~ leaving the value we give any one of those situations up to the observer.
For instance you may find yourself waiting. It can be that you have an appointment and while you are at there in time, the other person has not yet made it to the place where you are supposed to meet. Or perhaps you are waiting because you just missed the public transportation to your destination... Now, for some people this may be a source of stress, grumpiness or even anger (especially if you are waiting for your appointment). At the same time other people may consider this waiting time a little period of ‘me-time’. Personal time in which you have no need to do anything else than to take a deep breath and to enjoy your environment...

In this time where polarities are often more clearly defined than the common ground between them ~ the interpretation of either polarity seems to become less ‘fixed’. It is up to the observer to decide how to interpret the situation.

Something that is likely dependent on their state of being in that very moment...
Taking some ‘me-time’ instead of becoming upset while you are waiting is a lot easier when there is peace in your heart, than when you are running on empty trying to make it through the day.

One might even say that the more peaceful you are, the more positive your interpretations may be...

Monday, May 21, 2012

Fellow Travelers

Long ago, a group of people of all walks of life embarked on a pilgrimage. None of them knew each other yet they were traveling in the same direction, and as it became clear that they were all on a journey to the same place the fellow travelers stayed together ~ if only for safety ~ and started to tell each other their life stories.
As they reached Canterbury all stories had been told and each of them could enter their destination unburdened...

In this day and age we travel further and more often. No longer is the longest trip one can dream of a Cathedral on the edge of the Kingdom. We have traveled to the moon and back ~ so certainly any place on the earth should be within reach if you really want to get there...

Yet the stories are still there. Each story as unique and individual as those of that group braving the dangers of the road on their way to Canterbury. And whether we are actually on a trip to some far away place, or on a passage to a closer, much more intimate destination ~ we are all on a journey on our personal path.

We are all fellow travelers.
For some of us the goal is the same. For fewer still the road to that goal leads in the same direction. And eventually we hope to reach that goal unburdened.

Like with that group of travelers so long ago ~ the true value doesn’t seem to lie in just reaching the goal, or in the journey itself. The significance is found in what is done during that journey. For that group of people who became travel companions ‘by chance’ ~ telling their stories to each other was a way to come to terms with what had happened in their lives and how they had handled it...

Today, that is still what walking our life paths is all about. Coming to terms with what has happened, the choices we have made. The situations we have found ourselves in and how we have handled them.
And as we come to terms with our lives, the stress starts to flow away. We become more relaxed; unburdened. Free to reach our goals ~ whatever they may be.

On one hand you might say that not a lot has changed in the past couple of hundred years.
On the other hand, life was comparatively simple back then. Brutal yet simple.
Nowadays we claim to be more civilized. And our lives have gained complexity exponentially! There is nothing simple about it.

And sometimes it is a good idea to remind ourselves that we indeed are fellow travelers on a path...

Friday, May 18, 2012


Scents are a major part of the way we experience our environment ~ although we seem to undervalue their impact. And even when we stop to ‘smell the roses’, chances are that is all we do before we move on to the next thing...
As it turns out, one of the very few scents that we appreciate being in our environment is the smell of roses... Hence the expressions that have to with, yes, the smell of roses.

For the rest we try and control the scents in our environment ~ and there are many of them we bring into our environment; and about as many we try and abandon from our environment ~ or at least mask them. We go through pretty much any length not to smell the ‘natural’ scents of our environment.
We use scented soap or shower gel, scented deodorant, and perhaps ‘eau de toilette’ or perfume to mask our own unique scent. We use scented fabric softener. And air fresheners don’t bring in any fresh air as the name suggests ~ they bring a certain scent into our space.

And yet, no matter how hard we try to control the way we smell or the smell of our direct environment ~ no matter how hard we try not to smell anything other than the freshness we bring into our space ~ most significant events and places in our lives are tied to the scents that were in the air at the time they took place. And often that very smell, or a scent very close to it, can trigger the memory of such an event or place to be brought back into our consciousness swiftly and effectively. We may not even have been aware of whatever it was we smelled at the time ~ yet as we smell that scent again it takes us back through time to see that event ‘as if it happened yesterday’.

The funny thing is that how we consciously relate to the scent doesn’t have anything to say about the memory. The somewhat foul odor of a meat market in a tropical country can be related to a happy memory, just as the sweet smell of a particular blossom or flower can be related to a traumatic event. At least as our memories are concerned, the sweetness of the scent has no bearing on the sweet or bitter taste of the event at the time.

However, once we have made that conscious (as opposed to subconscious) connection between that particular scent and the event or place ~ it can bring about a yearning to be back in that place. To return to that very environment with that specific scent which holds the key to that special memory, that story, that state of being we once knew...

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The quality of air...

Where I live there is a lot to do about the quality of the air.
In a heavy populated area with lots of traffic on highways and byways, the amount of fine dust is now being linked to diseases like asthma and COPD. Hence it is something to protect ourselves against ~ and while ‘healthy adults’ are not likely to experience any immediate effects of this dusty air, there is a growing sense that children and the elderly are most at risk.

Common sense says that when you live in an area with very heavy traffic, or an area where there is smog or an inversion layer present on a regular basis ~ these are probably not the healthiest places for any living being. Sometimes you simply have no choice. The reason which ties you to that specific area weighs heavier than anything else in your life. And so the best thing you can do is to find ways to cope ~ like for instance improving the quality of the air inside your home through an air purification system or something like that.

Yet there is a lot more in the air...
The air carries the first scents of Spring time, the warm melody of Summer. It carries the fullness of Fall, and the sharp cold of Winter. The outcome of an event is often carried with the breeze to far away places. Although, now that we have TV, hardly anyone takes a moment anymore to be still and to smell the air... To listen to the breeze...
After all, CNN is faster at whatever place history is in the making today than the breeze can carry the message around the world...

The quality of air I think is most fascinating is its ability to signal changes ‘in the force’. Changes in the weather, but also changes on a larger scale in our environment... We all know the changes in the air before a thunder storm. The brooding, oppressing heat, followed by this heavy sense of quiet ~ almost a quiescence ~ right before it starts. And then after the storm has passed that sense of sheer joy. A quality of freshness that goes well beyond everything having been cleansed...

The air can be filled with our emotions ~ especially when a large group of people deals with the same emotion ~ whether it is expectancy, elation, sorrow, or grief... At some point these can be felt in the air itself ~ they can be felt inside of us as we breathe in and breathe out...

And sometimes we just need to take a breather ~ a step back from all that is in the air, or perhaps can be in the air and just be thankful for its most important quality of all: the oxygen it feeds us...

Friday, May 11, 2012

Good Fences...

Good fences make good neighbors.
When it is clear in what is yours and what belongs to your neighbor; when each knows where they stand ~ it is easy to keep the peace.

But what when one good fence is the pathway for different neighbors? Then trouble is brewing...

This is the case with the fence between me and my neighbor. To us humans it is a perfectly good fence ~ and yes we have been good neighbors for a number of years and counting.

Our cats consider it a different matter.
For my cats that fence has been the pathway from our patio garden into the rest of the world. And although it has been challenged occasionally by other cats looking to expand their territories, the fact of ownership of this fence was cut in stone. It was guarded, patrolled, used, sprayed, and even pruned in times when I took too long clearing the way for them.

This all changed when my neighbor also got a cat ~ a nice, friendly read head named Miss Kitty.

Suddenly there was this intruder who ~ whether she was permitted or not ~ started sharing this pathway. And it didn’t end there; the flat kitchen roofs ~ prime ‘looking out spots’ in Winter time, and the place to be come Summer, to either bask in the sun or lounge in the shade ~ now became a shared space with no clear rules as to who belongs where...

It has marked the beginning of a time in which cat fights have been a regular occurrence. And up to now there doesn’t seem to be any resolution. Three black cats on one side of the fence and the one read head on the other side of the fence all seem equally as stubborn in ‘claiming what is theirs’.
So far nothing has happened that could change that status quo.

Yet the fact that Miss Kitty so far has lost every fight, doesn’t stop her from coming inside our house... Carefully sneaking through the front door, quietly as to not wake up any of the black feline inhabitants, she explored the living room. Making certain to avoid any eye contact with me ~ after all, if she doesn’t see me, I probably won’t see her either... Finally making it to the cat-food dishes in the kitchen.
Of course, as soon as she started munching away one of my cats woke up and promptly escorted her out...

I have to admit though, I admire Miss Kitty’s persistence.
Most of us humans might have given up being ‘neighborly’, perhaps even gotten angry or resentful about the whole situation.
Yet for these cats every day is a new day.
And maybe one day Miss Kitty’s persistence pays off and peace will be restored in the neighborhood...

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


There are many blackbird in the neighborhood this Spring. The patio gardens with lots of ivy seem to attract them ~ they must feel these are the ideal nesting places. For months now I have heard them sing, marking their territories.
This cat-loving neighborhood is by no means a safe place for them to raise their families. Yet that doesn’t stop them from trying to bring a new generation of blackbirds into this world.

A couple of weeks ago their songs had subtle changes ~ not only marking and protecting their space, their songs seemed to reflect the fact that their space had gained in permanence: the nests were being built.
These changes in their songs culminated in the exuberance that marked the laying of the eggs ~ and ever since, every time a cat walks by the melodious songs are interrupted by shrieking warning calls.

The cats are not interested. They don’t eat those fragile, yet hard to crack blackbird eggs...

Now the waiting is for that next change in the songs of the blackbirds; the moment when they announce to the world that their offspring has been born.
It is easy to hear the pride and joy in that song! (It reminds me of a guy I once worked with who had business cards printed with his name and function: ‘father’ ~ when his firstborn arrived.)

Still, being human and thinking about this logically, I keep wondering why those blackbirds keep telling the world ~ and the cats ~ that now the nest is filled with chicks instead of eggs. Tasty bites that even the best-fed cat is interested in... Why do they put themselves in so much danger?

The animal kingdom doesn’t think logically.
Apparently it is more important to let the world know exactly where you stand ~ to share your good fortunes, your pride and joy ~ than it is to scheme to be safe from danger that isn’t here. Yet...
It is simply not a good reason to change your ways. (Now the sound of the morning traffic, that is a different matter (!) as it makes it harder for the songs to be heard and therefore is reason to start singing your songs at an earlier time, before traffic noise competes with them...)

We can learn a lot from those blackbirds... They know there are cats around, yet as long as these cats are not coming too close to the nest, there is no reason to stop singing your song. And even when a cat does come close and the blackbirds shriek their warnings ~ no sooner has the cat gone by or the birds resume their song...

We ~ like them ~ shouldn’t suppress our joy out of fears of things that might happen in the future. When there is time and reason to be happy, show the world that you are!

Friday, May 4, 2012

The Light Within

As our understanding of ourselves is expanding, and we get more and more in tune with our reality ~ two distinctly different perspectives come up. Perhaps not surprising in this day and age where polarities seem to play such an important role...

These two perspectives seem to be all about what ~ and how ~ we perceive as our reality.

On one side there is the reality of ‘all things seen’. The reality of our every day reality of our lives. That reality in which we have families, jobs, bills to pay and obligations to fill. It is the reality where logic and reason rule ~ although more and more often augmented with our ‘gut feel’.
This reality deals with all things that ‘are really there’ ~ the things that take up space, that we can touch and hold; and occasionally walk into.
In this reality the light within might refer to the figurative ‘light bulb’ that comes up when we get a new bright idea. And as such, the light within points to a certain illumination ~ clear thoughts which permit us to see where we are going...
In this reality, the light within seems to belong to the mind.

On the other side there is the reality that stretches beyond ‘all things seen’, and includes those things that are ‘not seen’. In this reality we may perceive ourselves as body, mind and spirit. It is a reality where on top of our conscious thoughts, our subconscious provides us with information through intuition, dreams, and visions ~ based on which we can make decisions in our lives.
In this reality, the Light Within tends to have a different meaning. It usually refers to a Divine Spark that is contained within the body ~ a Light that belongs to our Highest Source, the Light of Spirit. It is a Light that cannot be taken away from us or being extinguished.
In this, let’s say expanded reality this Light Within dwells within the body ~ the temple of the soul.

Either way this Light Within is helping us in our day-to-day lives ~ be it through the instigation of ‘aha-moments’ or through the insight given in dreams and visions. And either way, as we pay more and more attention to the Light Within ~ we may find that we understand ourselves and our potential better and better.
In either reality we will follow a path that permits us to grow as a person, to learn our life-lessons.

So perhaps these two realities are not as much polarities ~ but rather two sides of the same coin...

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Overdue Decisions

There are times in our lives that we are pushed to finally decide...
Many a time these are decisions that have been a long time coming. Decisions of which friends and family may take a sigh of relief that they are finally made. Yet, what has been so obvious for those looking at the situation from the outside ~ never was quite that obvious being in the middle of it all...

And consequently there was always an excuse not to decide:

“I don’t like my job anymore, but at least I got a job.”
“It is a ‘dead-end-job’, but I can get by on the salary.”
“I have to put in way more hours than I would like to, but the money is good.”

Just to mention a few...

Often the decisions that we tend to be unwilling or unable to make come in any of three area’s in our lives: jobs, homes, and relationships.
And while our excuses can be vastly different ~ the result is the same; we find ourselves in a situation we don’t want to be in any longer, and yet we stick it out for way too long...

The reason we have to not make those decisions can be as simple as ‘Let’s not rock the boat’ ~ it seems easier to stay in the environment, the situation that you know and have known for many years; than it is to break free from it and reach out for new adventures.
For many of us it feels better to be in the company of a ‘bad friend’, rather than to be alone...

And bit by bit this may lead to a negative attitude about the situation ~ eventually even a negative attitude about life in general or even ourselves. When we stick it our in a situation that has long since served its purpose in our lives, it is almost certain to become stressful to us. Which means that we are likely to not cope as well with other, different stressful situations as we used to...

At some point this can lead to somewhat subconscious affirmations to de-manifest the thing or situation in your life you have not been happy with. If it is about your living situation ~ your home may disappear from your life (for whatever every-day-life reason). If it is a job you have been having a negative attitude about because you have been hanging on to it for way too long ~ you can suddenly find yourself with way more time on your hands you ever thought possible...

In other words ~ life has this thing about forcing us to make those decisions that have been long overdue. This being the case, we may be better off making the decisions in their proper time ~ and on our terms...