Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The things we don’t miss

There are different ways in which we don’t miss things in our lives.
First and foremost there are things that have not brought us anything worth missing ~ and as soon as those things disappear from our lives we are happy to see them go! And once gone, it becomes easy in a hurry to get used to life without them...

Yet what about things we have never had in our lives? Chances are we don’t miss those either. Not because we wouldn’t want them to be in our lives, but rather because we have never imagined how it would be if we did have it in our lives.
Perhaps because we cannot fathom what our lives would look like with those things. Or maybe because ~ as we have never had them in the first place ~ we fail to come up with a picture on how it could enrich our lives. Why bother? Life has been good without it, so what does it possibly have to offer to make it better?
And without the desire and the imagined result ~ it is likely it won’t find its way into our lives.

For many things ~ gadgets and such ~ weighing the need and the desire before bringing it into your life is a good thing. To take a moment to see if it is something you would miss if it weren’t in your life...

There are things however we should have in our lives, and not having them because we don’t miss them ~ for instance because we have never truly experienced them ~ can be a problem. For instance self esteem, self worth, self respect, or even your own space... If we haven’t at some point in our lives sensed how it feels to have those things ~ we may not miss them. And yet they are vitally important in our lives!

Without having a sense of our own space, it is hard to set boundaries ~ and we may find others ‘walking all over us all the time’. Without having a healthy respect for ourselves, we may not encounter respect from others as much as we would like. Without having a sense of self worth, it may be difficult to negotiate what we are being paid in our jobs; or to go after that well deserved raise...

These are things that ~ even if we never thought we missed them ~ are important to give some thought. To start imagining how they would make our lives better.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Crossing the line

When one is ‘crossing the line’, one is stepping into a space where one doesn’t belong. It can be the literal space of another person, but more often it is a line of behavior that is crossed. And as these lines mark spaces ~ sometimes even territories ~ as soon as a line is drawn, polarities are at play...
What is mine and what is yours. In your comfort zone or out of your comfort zone. Polite or rude. Acceptable or unacceptable behavior...

It is our choice to determine what is acceptable to us and what is not ~ and on top of that whether we want to be confronted with this different energy within our own space, or whether we rather stick to what we know.
How each of us makes that choice determines if, when someone ‘crossing the line’ we experience this as an offense, a nuisance, or a new an refreshing experience.

However, looking at this from the other side, it does beg the question why? Why would anyone want to cross the line, and in doing so possibly upsetting, even intruding on someone else’s space and/or energy?
True, looking from the outside in, it is easier to see what is at play ~ and sometimes it is hard to resist the temptation of giving some un-asked for advice. But even when a person does ask for any advice ~ is it really necessary to cross that line?

And finally, there is yet a third perspective to crossing the line... What if you yourself cross the line ~ not from the inside out or into someone else’s space, but in a sense from the outside in. Placing yourself in a situation that is at its core non-acceptable to you, yet you make it sound like it is okay because after all you are doing it yourself.
It is an artifact of not claiming your own space, your own energy. You may have ‘drawn a line’ to mark your space ~ but when you yourself don’t respect your space and make it okay to cross that line, how can you expect from others to respect your space. To refrain from crossing the line.

What seems to make it even harder is that in the energy of today in which polarities are so obvious, the lines that are drawn usually are not quite as clear. They are wavy, and hardly ever sharp. They are more like grey areas that signal one is moving from one polarity into the other.
That one is ‘crossing the line’...

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Claiming what is yours

This one seems so obvious; as soon as you put a lock on your door ~ a chain and padlock on the fence ~ you have claimed it as yours. And sent a clear message to passers by: Stay out! This is mine.
Unfortunately this doesn’t always mean that your claim is also respected ~ but whichever way you look at it, the intent is clear.

It becomes a more difficult issue when you want to claim ~ and in a sense protect ~ an idea you have. In other words when it is not about physical property but about intellectual property.
After all, how do you prove that you came up with that idea first? Or, if people start talking about your idea, sharing your idea, even improve upon your idea ~ at which point is it no longer your idea as it has evolved into a new concept?

The hardest one seems to be when you want to claim your own energy; the space for you to breathe in... There is no clear boundary that can be set around it. An argument can be made that everything is energy and as such, energy is everywhere. So how do you know what is yours to claim? Is it even possible to ‘own’ that energy? Or has Chief Seattle been right all along when he wrote: ‘If we do not own the freshness of the air and the sparkle of the water, how can you buy them?’

And yet, as your energy defines and expresses who you are, claiming the very energy of yourself is important. It permits you to know who you are. It assists you in determining what is important to you and what is not ~ to set your priorities. It helps you to recognize those aspects of you that are uniquely yours ~ not to lock them away in a private place, but to share them with the world around you.
In claiming the energy that is yours, you may become conscious of your potential which you can then allow to unfold. In claiming the energy that is yours the awareness of what you ~ as a unique individual ~ have to offer to the universe is enhanced.

Claiming the energy that is yours may well be so important that we should encourage those around us to embark on that same journey of discovery and to do the same.
And by the same token we should never take our own energy, our own space ~ or the energy and space of another ~ for granted.

It is time to claim what is yours!

Friday, February 15, 2013

‘Bridge Builders’

I think it is a good thing to build bridges...
To create a way to get from one place to another. Or to permit two sides to be able to meet...

But what about the ‘bridge builder’?
Where does that person come from ~ and perhaps even more importantly, where is he or she going?
From a certain perspective one could say that the ‘bridge builder’ is in a pretty static position. In today’s world a lot of bridges are needed ~ so there are plenty opportunities to keep building bridges without ever crossing one yourself as the ‘bridge builder’; the architect of that walkway from ‘here’ to ‘there’. The ‘bridge builder’, the mediator, the moderator, the peace maker can just move on from one situation to the next; always building bridges.


In everybody’s life there comes a point of inevitable change. When one cannot do anything else than to change ~ to move on to something new and different. To walk that bridge and to move from ‘here’ to ‘there’.
And when someone has been the ‘bridge builder’ for as long as anyone can remember ~ chances are that when they finally make that all important move, everybody around them is in for a surprise! Rather than keeping the focus on building bridges, on mediating, moderating, even keeping the peace, suddenly it becomes apparent that even ‘bridge builders’ are ‘normal’ people with ‘normal’ needs and ‘normal’ emotions. People who want to move on with their lives. People who are ~ like the rest of us ~ fed up with being stuck in one place.
Yet while it seem so easy for them to build bridges for situations outside of themselves, it may not be quite as easy to get from ‘here’ to ‘there’ when it concerns themselves...
It is most definitely a step outside of the comfort zone...

It doesn’t mean necessarily that the ‘bridge builder’ will stop building bridges.
It does mean, however, that it needs to be done in a new way. In a manner in which the ‘bridge builder’ can build bridges while move forward on their own path ~ a mode that doesn’t get them stuck in one place while helping others moving on.
A way that may keep the peace around them, yet enhances inner peace.

It is a good thing to build bridges. To create that way to get from one place to another ~ a walkway on which two parties can meet. But let’s take our own responsibility and start building a bridge or two ourselves, rather than just relying on the ‘bridge builder’...

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Behind the times

Lately I have been running behind on pretty much everything in my life. Time just seems to disappear into history without me having anything to account for what I have actually done during that time...
And then, when I look at what I have done on a day like today ~ it is not like I haven’t done anything. As a matter of fact I have been quite busy! I have just been busy with other things ~ things that were a priority right at that time. Or even things that I was running behind on that really, really needed to be done now.

Do you recognize any of that?

For me it brings up the question whether I am starting to slow down ~ and as such simply cannot keep up with all the things I want to do or accomplish anymore. Or if perhaps time is moving faster than it did before.
One thing is clear, something is out of balance. Perhaps not a lot out of balance, just slightly off to the point where I don’t seem to be able to ‘get in-sinc’, and consequently I am running late...

Being behind the times.
In a sense that is literally how it feels; sort of being stuck in an energy or time-frame that is old fashioned. Living a rhythm that has come and gone ~ and needing some time to adapt; to pick up on the new rhythm, the new energy.
In the meantime I seem to be in a perpetual state of catching up.

The one productive ~ even beneficial ~ thing that I am learning from it is how to quickly prioritize.
Suddenly there are no arguments, no second thoughts on what is on the top of the priority-list ~ somehow the order is crystal clear every step of the way.

That in itself brings up interesting perspectives as I suddenly find something on top of the list that I really didn’t think was that important... Yet, as there is in this ‘game of catching up’ not a whole lot of time to think about it, it gets handled the moment it comes up.
As that happens, bit by bit things are starting to change. Slowly my life gets new direction. Quietly time slows down ever so slightly...

And I can take a deep breath of relief.

I am not sure exactly what my life will look like in this new time ~ what I do know is that some things I have been doing will not make it to the top of the list quite as often anymore; if at all. Those things will fade into the background ~ behind the times.
Other new and exciting things will come up and take their place...

Friday, February 8, 2013


Light is important in our lives. Not only in the cycle of day and night ~ the presence and absence of light ~ but also metaphorically as we need to shine light on the ‘sticky’ situations in our lives in order to gain clarity.

There are many kinds of light ~ sunlight, moonlight, candle light, the colored light of the rainbow; just to name a few. And as it turns out, if we don’t get enough light ~ like plants ~ we start suffering the consequences: the Winter blues.
It is not like we cannot survive without light, yet chances are our mood and behavior will change if it isn’t available to us for a longer period of time. (Just as our mood and behavior can change when we don’t experience darkness for a longer period of time ~ especially in this point in time where polarities play such an important role in our lives.)

Metaphorically, we need to ‘see the light’ in order to have a revelation, or to come up with that perfect solution. “It is like a light bulb is turned on” and suddenly you see the way out of that situation that didn’t appear to have an obvious outcome.
In order to help someone find the ‘way out’, we can let our light shine on the situation ~ bring our perspectives, experience, and clear-headedness to the table...

In other words, light brings clarity. In the light we can see clearly.
Light, in whichever form, makes the next step on our personal path more perceptible.

Yet ultimately the most important light we may encounter in our lives is the Light.
The Light of Spirit.
The inner point of Light that is part of the Source Light.
The Light that inspires us.
The Light that connects us ~ both to our source as well as to all else in the universe.
The Light that shines the way for us...

The Light of Spirit is always there to help us and guide us.
It is this very high frequency of Light that is used in healing; that permits us to find our way to inner peace. To wholeness and balance.

It is through letting our inner point of Light shine, that we can inspire people around us ~ as it will guide us to the perfect words, the perfect intonation, the perfect ‘spirited’ message for them to hear at that point in time...

Light is important in our lives. It is the Light of Spirit that we cannot live without.
So I wish you Light!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Going with the flow

It seems that no matter how well the plans I have made are thought out; how many contingencies I have reckoned with ~ more often than not they don’t quite happen the way I had in mind. It is something that didn’t used to be this way. I can remember the time when I could plan ahead quite nicely, and bit by bit, step by step my plans would unfold and turn out exactly the way I envisioned. Those days are gone.

The best i can do now is to keep a goal in mind and take a first step. Sometimes the next step and the one after that are immediately obvious. Other times I get sidetracked even as I make that first step toward my goal.
Suddenly I find other things on my path. Priorities shift...

It is like the weather ~ ever changing and to a certain extend totally unpredictable!

Yes, there are plenty of days when I am still longing for those days when I could be making plans and then following through on those plans in order to reach my goal in an efficient manner... And on those days, when a plan is not working out the way I had thought it out, the frustration level can go up exponentially.

Yet I have also come to realize that there are benefits when the plans I have made are not set in concrete. When there is wiggle room. If I am flexible enough to change my plans mid-stream, chances are that I not only will reach my goal ~ be it in a different manner or along a different path than I had in mind ~ but in going with the flow I find that I am at the right place at the right time. It makes that while I am still reaching my goals, the rewards can be greater than I had anticipated or even imagined!

All it takes is to be open to different ways to accomplish what I set out to do, to keep the goal in mind ~ and to not get upset if things are not working out the way I had thought they should have...
That way I can loosely direct the flow of things into the general direction I want to go ~ and go with it.

In other words, in the energy of today ‘going with the flow’ is not about being distracted to the extend of not getting anything done ~ it is about permitting the energy, the flow of things, to help you get the best results.

Friday, February 1, 2013

A new life

What if your life ~ the way you have always lived it ~ stopped? Nothing as dramatic as passing over; not even as traumatic as losing your job or home... But just the realization that the things you have always been doing are not gaining the same result anymore ~ and that this change has come suddenly...

Would you jump at the chance to reinvent your life; to reinvent yourself?
Or would you keep trying to make it work the way it has always worked before?

It seems that this is the very question many people find themselves faced with at this point in time.

It may have started with a couple of little things. Things that all of a sudden can fluster you where before they would have never upset you at all. Or the realization that just watching the news on TV can absolutely leave you drained of all energy. Perhaps even a sense that friends you have known for a long time just don’t understand you anymore...

When you feel like this is happening in your life, it is probably time to take a break ~ to take a moment to evaluate whether these are just isolated incidents, or if this change is also going on inside of you; in your energy. To see if maybe you are too busy. If you are taking time to take care of yourself instead of just making everybody around you happy. To explore what your priorities truly are at this point in time.

In all likelihood something like this happens to us several times in our lifetime. Those moments that come up and present us with the opportunity to change directions; to change our lives; to change ourselves...
As such, these are special moments.
Upsetting, yes ~ but also very precious.

Each of these occasions brings with it the possibility of creating a new life for ourselves; a new energy ~ inside and out.

The difficulty is that when a situation like that knocks on our door ~ we hardly ever have any idea as to what we want to do different. Where we want to change directions. How we want to turn out in our new energy; our new life.
It is hard to take positive, productive steps if you have no clue where you want them to lead you. And yet, it is often the only thing you can do; to take it step by step, and having the faith that each of these steps will bring you to the new life ~ which on some level you have been yearning for, for some time...