Friday, March 6, 2015

The cycle of things

The cycle of things may have a beginning in a far and distant past, however it doesn’t seem to have an end. Like the waxing and waning of the moon, or the cycle of the seasons ~ they are just an endless string of changes in energy and appearance. And with every completion of a cycle, there is a shift in frequency. It brings about a new and different focus. We may find that we feel more apt to do certain things at specific points of those cycles, dependent on personal affinity with that very point of energy.

Whichever way you look at it, everything moves through cycles. Even mountains rise up with sharp peaks, proud and tall. Yet taken enough time they will lose their sharp edges, and eventually erode further and further until all that is left is a pleasant landscape with rolling hills as far as the eye can see.
One is not better than the other, they are just different points in their particular cycle.

Even our personal journey moves through its own cycles.
Some may call it a cycle of life and death, yet another way of looking at it is a cycle where our focus shifts from physical to non-physical and back again. In other words, there is not as much a point of ‘death’ at the end of our current journey, as there is a birth into that other world that is etheric in nature. And there our journey continues, be it with a different focus. One could say it is the ‘backside’ of the cycle we, as humans, experience.
Our problem with it may well be that, different to the cycles of the moon or the seasons, we are not as aware of the etheric side of our journey, our own cycles. We are not as accustomed to be aware of those that continue their journeys in that other world that has no density for now.

Yet there is no doubt in my mind that the journey continues, until we decide it is time to find a way to be born into the other side of the cycle again; the physical side. To be inspired in body and soul to walk the next part of our personal journey in the dense world again…

And so the cycle continues.
From birth in the earth plane, gaining all the experiences that it has to offer, learning as much about the physical aspects of ourselves and our journey as we possibly can; to the birth in the energy plane…

Endless changes in energy and appearance…

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Empty spaces

Whenever something ~ or someone ~ disappears from our lives, we are left with an empty space.
It doesn’t really matter whether we are happy we have finally been able to let go of whatever was there taking up that space, or if we experience the fact that it is gone now as a loss. Either way the fact that the space is now empty gives us a reason to pause. It invites us to ponder that space; what has been there, why we have kept it there, when did we stop holding on to it, and what to put in its place…

And that last one often is more important than it seems at first glance. After all, more space is a good thing, right? While this is true, when we decidedly feel at as an emptiness; when it looks hollow, more than spacey, it is a good idea to place something into it that helps regain our balance.
It can be filled with fond memories, with an affirmation that we did good in finally letting go, or even with Light. Non-directed, pure white Light from the Highest Source…

However, eventually we will look at each and everyone of those questions, and perhaps wonder whether we should have let go earlier. Or did we give up too quickly? Was it enough to just stop holding on, or should we have formally released whatever it was that occupied that space?

Bit by bit, step by step, we will find a new balance. And as we do, the hollowness dissolves and a sense of freedom emerges. From that sense of freedom we can then decide what to use that space for…

Whenever we are confronted with an empty space in our lives, it means that we have embarked on a journey that involves goodbyes, letting go, stillness, the revisiting of memories, and finally a sense of freedom as a new balance unfolds.
It is a journey that has many different facets. It is like a crystal that looks different each time the light shines upon it from a new angle. Over time, as the light has touched all the facets of the crystal, it will again start reflecting its qualities ~ bringing them out into the world.

We are not meant to keep wandering around in those ~ sometimes vast ~ empty spaces, hearing only our own footsteps in their hollowness.
We were meant to be like that crystal, that, with every ray of light that touches it, regains its innate brightness.
Stronger and more beautiful than ever before!