Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Does believing it make it happen?

When your belief system and your conscious mind, your logical thoughts are aligned ~ it becomes a lot easier to manifest the things you desire in your life! Especially when the things you desire at that moment are the things the universe agrees you need at that moment...

Does believing it can happen, make it happen?

In the energies of today that hardly ever is the case. We will need to take physical steps, or even planned action to bring the things we desire into our lives.
We dream it, we think about it, we talk about it, we take the necessary steps ~ and as long as we believe it can happen; as long as we believe we are worth having this thing in our lives ~ we create it in our lives.

The more ways we find to give it focus and energy, the more likely it becomes we will create it.

But what happens when we turn the process around...
When, instigated by a news item on television, or because of predictions from a source we deem believable, we start believing that something might, and yes even can happen? More often than not, these things are things we consider to be ‘bad’ things. Things that are undesirable for ourselves and for the world.
Does our belief that they might happen actually make them happen? Or, in its polarity, when we bring ourselves to believing that they are not likely to happen ~ can we stop them from happening?

As a rule of thumb, just believing it is not enough.

But when we start fearing it will happen ~ this fear will add to the situation at hand, will give it more energy, and consequently will start bringing it (no matter how undesirable) closer to manifestation.

As human beings, we tend to think the worst. When we then also fear the worst may happen, and believe the worst can happen ~ all of a sudden we have created the starting point of a negative spiral...

The thing that is so important to keep in mind is that we ~ as human beings ~ are powerful and are able to affect not only ourselves and our direct environment, but also the world in general and even the universe!
And the best way to start bringing positive things into our world and our universe is to believe we can!

If we believe we can bring positive things and peace into our own lives, it becomes easier to believe we can affect those that are close to us...
As long as we believe we can make a difference in our own lives, we know that we can handle any situation we come across in the world around us. And when we do not fear what may happen, we are free to focus our belief, our thoughts and our actions on the best possible outcome!

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