Friday, December 17, 2010

Planning and Preparation

When working with the energies of the seasons, each season has its own specific focus. And as we move through the cycle, gradually the focus of the energies, and therefore our focus shifts.
In nature, the seeds that nestled in the fertile soil in Fall, prepare during the Winter, germinate and grow roots and sprouts during Spring, mature during Summer ~ only to drop their seeds in Fall; and these seeds will start the cycle all over again.

With the Winter season on our doorstep, this is an ideal time to look what seeds we may have scattered in our lives... What do we want to grow in the garden of our lives in the next cycle of the seasons?

As it turns out, there is no better time to plan and prepare or that which we want in our lives than the time starting with the Winter solstice and moving through January 1st. The Winter solstice bringing forward the energy when nature really starts preparing itself, while us humans come up with our New Year’s Resolutions on New Year’s Eve or January 1st.
These ten days in between the Winter solstice and the start of the new year is a magical time during which we can benefit from both ‘points of energy’ to plan and prepare for the things we want in our lives ~ to set our goals.

On average there are five areas in our lives that we may want to bring new things into:

  • Our relationships.
  • Our financial situation.
  • Our work situation.
  • Our living situation or home.
  • Our own personal growth.

It is a good idea to evaluate each of these areas as to whether it is bringing your the things you need or desire to have in your life ~ and then use this ten-day period of time to set new goals...

If, for instance, we would like to improve on our financial situation, we start by taking an honest look at our current financial situation, and then we would set ourselves a specific goal. Come up with the amount or number that would make your life truly and significantly better!
Having done that, you start looking at how you can make it happen for you. What do you need to do or change to reach your goal?

You start planning and preparing how you are going to go about it for each of the goals you have set for yourself, for the next year. This may involve taking on a new study, or working on your confidence to finally ask for that raise you have felt you deserve...

You don’t have to take the physical steps yet ~ but you set up the structure through which you can bring that which you need and desire into your life!

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