Friday, January 17, 2014

Dumpster diving

At first glance there was a rounded, somewhat stretched, pair of jeans in the dumpster. Moments later I realized they were not just jeans; I just saw the behind of someone dressed in jeans sticking out of the dumpster. Obviously the person wearing them had jumped into the dumpster in order to give its contents a close look…
A couple of minutes later, I see the man stand up, jump out, and walk away.

What is garbage to one person, is a treasure to another.

From one perspective it definitely seems sad that there are people who are checking other people’s garbage, hoping to find enough ‘treasures’ that they can get by for yet another day.
And looking at the kind of ‘treasures’ some people collect and sometimes start carrying with them, it makes me wonder exactly what value they see in their collection.

But then a person doesn’t have to be dumpster diving to start collecting the specific brand of treasures they value most ~ even though to someone else it just looks like ‘stuff’ and have no value at all. The next step following this line of thought is that the things that are ‘just stuff with no value’ to one person are treasures worth collecting to the next.

To make it even more interesting, this seems to be true for attitudes and even emotions as well.

Where one person can be so full of her/himself that they come across as totally self involved, or even arrogant ~ something they may even be hoping to transform. Someone else might well be helped with that attitude; putting a little bit more value upon themselves. Perhaps even putting themselves before everybody else every once in a while.

And while anger is not an emotion that has a lot to offer to most of us ~ although it does have a valid function as a signal that something is not quite right in what is going on ~ for some people it can be incredibly helpful to, for once in their lives, actually get that signal that anger provides to them clearly enough for them to act upon it…

Looking at it in this manner, it could be useful to go ‘dumpster diving’. To see what other people are throwing out; what stuff other people are done with. And to ponder whether there is value in it for us.
Of course it would be a very good idea to ~ at the same time ~ look at the stuff we are done with, and to throw it out…

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