Friday, September 12, 2014

Feeling and feelings

Lately I have come across more and more people who do take the time to ponder ‘feeling’ and ‘feelings’. People who find it important to distinguish between the emotional feelings and the sense of touch, or the sensory perspective in general. People who feel that the next step on their personal paths is to deal with their emotional feelings, to transform those so they no longer get wrapped up in emotional circumstances and situations filled with drama. People who may seem a bit ‘stand-offish’ until you see that their detached manner of interaction often will permit them to see a larger picture on what is happening…

Invariably, when they find themselves getting emotional, they will ask themselves what has happened to instigate that emotion. They will strive to see, whether they are part of that situation, or just observing it, what it is in themselves that prompted the emotional reaction. And what they themselves can learn from that.
The next step is to transform the emotion, and to take a step back from the situation to see it from a more detached point of view.

It is a way to simplify life in a very specific manner.
Not through getting rid of material ‘stuff’, but rather through letting go of emotional ‘stuff’ and in doing so greatly reducing the ‘drama content’ of our lives.

That being said, it is not by any means an easy path to walk. It requires us to have the absolute willingness to see everything that happens in our lives that we feel a reaction to inside ourselves as something that is about us. Nothing is ‘just out there’; especially not if it touches us emotionally or if it touches our lives. We are part of it, and it is up to us to learn from it, to transform it, and to detach from it in order to see whatever happened as part of a larger whole…

It means that there is nothing happening in our lives that ‘someone is doing to us’. And while we may get wronged from a factual perspective, for instance when something would be stolen from us, even then there is an aspect within ourselves we can transform to ensure we won’t have to experience that type of situation again.
It means we are taking total responsibility for our feelings, total responsibility for our lives.

It also means that we interact more and more through our sensory awareness, together with our more mental, reasoning abilities.
And ultimately we gain tremendous insight into ourselves, the world around us, and perhaps even the universe…

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