Friday, January 29, 2016

In the spotlight

There are some who really love to be in the spotlight! And whether they have something to share that would make the world a better place, or are just out to hear their own voice rambling on ~ to them that doesn’t matter, as long as that spotlight shines on them.

Most of us, however, won’t seek out the spotlight.
Whether we suffer from ‘stage fright’ or are uncertain whether we have something worthy to add to any situation, or just feel we are way more comfortable doing our own thing in our own way and our own space, without seeking an audience at all; somehow that spotlight doesn’t seem all that appealing to us.

It brings up an interesting perspective where those who consistently seek out the spotlight ~ even if at some point they have a valuable message to the world ~ after a while may just be blabbing their mouths. Anything to be in that spotlight! Where others who have truly worthwhile things to share may ~ for a variety of reasons ~ never make it to be in that spotlight, and therefore are never heard by a greater audience than those who personally know him or her.

In other words, those that are in the spotlight all the time may not have a whole lot worthwhile to say, while those who remain in the background can have a message that will change the world, making it a better place.

Living in a time when pretty much anything that is said by anyone is recorded and available through a variety of channels, it also shows that if we truly want to be well-informed, we probably should look a little further than the obvious channels; digging a little deeper in the information that is available… And perhaps also check what a person was saying and doing before the spotlight hit them…

But whether you crave being in the spotlight or find yourself in the spotlight reluctantly ~ once you have stood on that stage it changes things. It changes how you are perceived by the world and by those around you. It may even change how you look upon yourself and what you have to offer to the world.
And perhaps the best way to stay comfortable with all that is happening once you find yourself in the spotlight, is to counter the light shining on you by your own, inner Light.
By letting the spotlight and the inner Light merge, and spread, and bring a message of balance and healing to the world and to the universe.

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