Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Who are you?

Every once in a while, when I look myself in my eyes in the mirror, I ask myself: “Who are you?”

I have a pretty good understanding of who I am not:
I am not who I used to be.
I am not necessarily what others think of me or who others think I am.
I may not be all that I can be.

Then there are a couple of things I feel I do know about myself:
I am filled with potential that is unfolding.
I am walking my own path ~ even if I take a detour or two.
I am learning from my experiences, I am changing and evolving.

So, in asking myself the question “Who are you?”, I am not necessarily looking for any precise answer. I am more interested in where I stand in life at this point in time. In where I have been and where I am heading on my personal path. And on the steps I can take right now in order to get there.

In all reality, when we ask ourselves that question, there are many answers. Which answer comes up depends upon the perspective it was asked from; the aspect of ourselves we are looking at.
Therefore the answer will be different when we are looking at our reality selves, our core selves ~ chances are the answer will have a more spiritual slant to it ~ than it will be in light of how we present ourselves to the world around us. Observing the passionate sides of ourselves may give yet a different answer.

This leads me to believe that we are all multi-faceted human beings that have all the potential we may ever wish for, and have a lot to offer to the world.

The danger in being multi-faceted is ~ and this is where the question “Who are you?” comes in ~ is that we find ourselves stuck on only one or two of the many facets we are. That we only see what we are doing right now, and allowing ourselves to be defined by those tasks.
As soon as this happens, we loose sight of all the other sides of ourselves that are also there ~ although perhaps we are not quite so actively involved in them right now. And pretty soon we may not even dare to look at who we can be; at what lies beyond.
At all the potential we are yet to discover about ourselves.

Therefore I think it is a good thing to ask ourselves every once a while: “Who are you?” and to let ourselves be surprised at the answer that comes up from the very depths of our being.

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