Tuesday, April 27, 2010


A well known perspective on balance in the world of today is: “Stability of one's mind or feelings.” A more conventional way of looking at balance is: “A counteracting weight or force.”

This may mean that in order to stay balanced, to keep stability in our mind and feelings, we need a counteracting weight or force that ensures the scales won’t tip in either direction.
Immediately two things come to mind when I start thinking about this.
The first one is the question that if the scales won’t tip, if I can reach that balance; wouldn’t that be a static place? A point of stagnation even?
Not necessarily. It means that whenever something happens that we feel pushes us out of balance, we don’t wait until we actually are out of balance, but we immediately start counteracting this movement with something that will restore our perfect balance.
And that brings me to the second thing ~ what weight or force can we use to counteract that which causes us to lose our balance?
At first glance it may seem that there is an infinite number of answers to that question, as every person has his or her own way to regain their balance...

So let’s look at what balance really is; the stability of one’s mind or feelings. This means that in order to be balanced, we need to look inside ourselves. Even though we can go to places of great balance and harmony ~ we can turn to nature or go to a spa, have a massage ~ all that these things outside of ourselves do is help us restore the balance, the peace, inside of ourselves.

From this perspective, there are four main directions we turn to in order to regain our balance, where all of these have in common that we take time to be with ourselves. Just ourselves. Even 15 minutes away from everything else; 15 minutes of stillness so that we can listen to our inner selves, can do wonders for our balance!
These four directions are more or less dictated by astrology. For those of us with the sun in an air-sign, taking time to ‘talk it out’, or to ‘write it out’ usually works well. Those of us with the sun in a fire-sign will find that any form of physical movement like hiking or jogging will help to blow off steam. The ones among us with the sun in a water-sign often find that expressing themselves creatively through colors and/or shapes brings back balance. While those that have the sun in an earth-sign will find that sitting down, taking a deep breath and drinking a cup of tea will do the trick.

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