Friday, April 23, 2010

Success or Failure?

There often seems to be but a narrow margin between having success and failing...

Those that are successful may tell you that, while it may not have been easy to get there ~ we only have to be successful at about 20% of the things we want to do in order to keep being successful.
Almost by the same token, those that are not successful ~ that may even be failing at anything they take on ~ may put in 200% effort; from a logical perspective they may even be doing everything right, and yet they may never reach that measure of success they set out to achieve.

This leads me to believe that the difference between success and failure is more a matter of conditioning, a matter of attitude; even a matter of imagination than anything else.

In the Dutch language there is this saying: ‘If you were born being a dime, you’ll never become a quarter’. And whether it is put in these or in different words, many believe that where we are coming from dictates where we can go.
And yet there are also those that feel that, coming from the space they are at, they have nothing to loose ~ so why not go for it? After all, anything else is better... And lo and behold a fair number of people thinking along those lines do succeed!

There seem to be three things that make the difference:
• Do not believe anything you are told if that is not also your personal truth.
• Imagine not only where you want to go, but imagine you are already there.
• Adapt a ‘can-do’ attitude.

The first one ensures that you won’t give your power away to anyone else...
And it is not egotistical in any way to live according to your own personal truth, and in your own way reaching the goals you set out to accomplish.

Imagination will show the way to being successful, and once you have achieved one success ~ to being successful in new areas; taking on different things. As long as there is the power of imagination, there will never be the proverbial ‘end of the road’.

The ‘can-do’ attitude may well be the most important one!
Because it allows you to go for it. It blocks all doubts and hesitation. It doesn’t care whether you have the right education for what you want to do ~ after all, if you really need it you can still get it.

It even permits you let go of the fear of failure. Because even if you would fail; so what? The ‘can-do’ attitude will help you to get yourself up, dust yourself off, and try again.

So rather than imagining all the reasons why you cannot do something ~ imagine how you can do it, and go for it!!

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