Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Time and Energy

There are several ways in which time and energy can be linked. The most direct way seems to be through the frequency of energy...

Over the last 15 years or so, the frequency of the energy around us has incrementally become a lot higher than it was before. And with every step up in frequency, time seemed to start moving faster.

Where did the time go? Time flies! Is it that late already??

As we caught up, we found that whatever we set out to do, could be done faster as well. And as we got the hang of that, we pretty soon took the next logical step ~ we started doing more things in the same time.

It was not as much that we found ourselves multi-tasking more often (although I have to admit that this too became a lot easier to me). It was more that as things didn’t take as much time anymore, we could accomplish more in the same amount of time ~ and so we took on more things to do...

All the way up to the point where life seems to have become chaotic, non-structured ~ scattered even.
And all of a sudden we find ourselves not being able to get anything done. The things we start don’t even get finished...

So where did we go wrong?

Maybe, when we started experiencing time in the sense that we had ‘more time’, we should have put a little bit more time and energy for our Selves on our calendars, all those years that we used the ever higher frequencies of the energies around us to take on more and more.

It seems that the focus in the todays society is directed so far outside of ourselves, that maybe we forget every once in a while to take time for ourselves. Our inner selves.
To take some time to take a breather, to relax ~ to not try to accomplish anything for a moment, other than to connect with our own Selves, with the reality of who we are. To take some time to truly adjust to the ever higher frequency of the energy around us...

On the other hand, maybe these higher-frequency-energies are also calling for a slightly different approach in the things we do in a day.
In order for us to stay balanced with the way we use time and interact with the energies around us, it can be very helpful to take a minute to consciously finish one task before we start the next one. This way we put the energy of each task in its own place in time.
In this manner, instead of having a day filled with ‘everything’ ~ we create for ourselves a day filled with a series of tasks that we are able to prioritize and accomplish efficiently.

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