Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The world is our mirror

It is one of those sayings that is ~ at least from a spiritual perspective ~ is seen as truth; we all tend to agree that whatever and whoever we encounter in the world is a mirror, showing us what is there in our own lives. And the images we see in that mirror that is the world around us, are not meant to be an affront; all they are there for are for us to be able to see more clearly what is happening in our own lives.
Another way to look at this is to view everything that is happening in your life as an omen; a signal that something is afoot in our our lives. A ‘heads-up’ that things may be changing…

Here is how it can work:
When you feel flustered over and over again because people around you are not specific in their directions, in what they are saying, in expressing their needs ~ chances are that you yourself may not be expressing yourself succinctly. Or perhaps you are not speaking up enough, not letting others know what your needs and desires are.
Or when you are on your way to a meeting, and you find all the traffic lights turning red as you approach… On one hand it can mean that the other party you are meeting will be delayed. Yet if you feel your ‘feathers ruffling’ at every next light that turns red as you approach; again, chances are that there is something about that meeting that you yourself are not thrilled about. It can be because you would have liked to spend your time differently (and didn’t speak up when the meeting was agreed upon), or because you feel hindered in your efforts; sort of like having a sense that the whole world is against you. Now, putting it that way, logic says that this is unlikely to be the case; so if you still feel that way, one may ask why we have a need to defend ourselves from the world around us?

Whichever way we look at it, if there is something happening to us that is truly aggravating to us; sparking all kinds of indignant reactions along lines of ‘how dare they…?’ ~ the perspective that says that the world is our mirror would point out that what we may want to look at is not necessarily outside of ourselves but rather within ourselves…
Something that is not easy to do!
However, the good news about this is that if we truly want to, it is totally within our realm of influence to change ~ creating a life for ourselves that is more smooth, more pleasant. A life that shows us more peaceful pictures when we look in its mirror.

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