Tuesday, May 27, 2014


There is a commercial playing on the radio for the past week or so, and it uses the Harry Nilsson’s song ‘One’. So far, I have no clue what the commercial is trying to sell; I would imagine it would be a commercial for a dating site or something like that, although it turns out to be a different product altogether.

The song says: “One is the loneliest number that you’ll ever do”

I suppose this is true, when we look upon it as not having any company; as being alone. But then again, when we take the word ‘alone’ apart, we may conceivably end up with “all one”. Something that can be looked at as each individual being on their own ~ or alone. As each person being unique; one person at a time. Or we can see it as ‘we are all one’.

It is an interesting perspective.
One one hand we are all unique, individuals, and yet, we are also ‘all one’. The latter then, might imply that we are all the same. Or are we?

More and more people may say that while each of us is an unique individual ~ who may or may not be alone or even lonely ~ there is also the sense that we are part of a much bigger picture. One picture.

One could even say that this oneness is vast beyond comprehension, and while we are part of this vast oneness, at the same time we are also one individual ~ unique, and every one of us with our own very special potential waiting for unfoldment. Something that is often just as hard to know and understand as that vast oneness we are part of.
And either way we will have to figure it out for ourselves…

So whether ‘one’ really is the loneliest number you will ever do, or if we are all together parts of a oneness that is big beyond imagination; it seems like we are all on our own, while we are at the same time connected in a oneness, and therefore we are never truly alone.
On the other hand, with all the connections we may have in this big picture; with all the many people that are around us pretty much all the time ~ we may find ourselves alone every once in a while, and even lonely at times. And then again, we may find ourselves feeling more lonely while we are surrounded by people, than when we are alone.

Perhaps it is true  then, that we are ‘all one’; more connected than we ever thought we would be, and therefore less lonely than the number one would suggest…

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