Friday, May 16, 2014


Security is one of those things that applies on many levels in our lives. It implies an absence of any danger, or the protection against (physical or financial) danger. And there is a sense of security that comes with our own space, a frequency of energy that we are comfortable with, and the knowledge we have food and shelter for ourselves and our loved ones.

From that perspective, our sense of security may well be our number one priority in our lives…

In turn this means that we are willing to do a lot of things in order to secure that level of comfort that comes with food, shelter, space ~ in other words all those things that allow us to live our lives the way we desire to. And on top of that we like to show the world that we are successful at it! Pretty soon, just shelter isn’t enough; the house has to be big! The car expensive. Celebrations much talked about…
With that comes a whole new level of security, or perhaps insecurity.

In other words, that which set out to be part of our sense of security can, at some point, cross a line and become the cause of a feeling of insecurity. It is all part and parcel of the energy we are living in today that highlights each and every polarity we are dealing with in our lives.

The solution seems to be counter-intuitive.
While for centuries we have gathered and held on to anything and everything we could ~ house, finances, knowledge, etc. ~ in order to enhance our sense of security; now we may find ourselves discarding of things in order to do the same. Downsizing, simplifying, managing our lives…
Rather than ever wanting ‘more’, because ‘more’ would also mean a greater sense of security, we seem to have arrived at a point where less is more.

This doesn’t mean that we should give away everything we own and start living as a hermit necessarily. However, it does mean that we let go of those things that may have started to dictate how we live our lives. It means we go back to the basics of things, the essence. To that part we deem truly important. To the things we genuinely value in our lives.

When we evaluate our sense of security from this perspective, we may find that the more we let go, the greater our sense of security. We may even find that this is also true for the way we plan our activities, and the paths we take to accomplish our goals…

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