Tuesday, June 17, 2014


In a time when ‘medicine’ and ‘medication’ have almost become interchangeable concepts, it seems a good idea to have a look at the older, perhaps even shamanic perspective of ‘medicine’.

When we look up ‘medicine’ in the dictionary of today it reads: “The science or practice of the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease (in technical use often taken to exclude surgery).
Or a compound or preparation used for the treatment or prevention of disease, esp. a drug or drugs taken by mouth.”

The older, more shamanic meaning of medicine is closer to the “practice of the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease” part of that definition than it is to the second part. One’s ‘medicine’ is that which keeps one strong and healthy, as well as it is that which that person has to offer to keep others ~ or even the tribe at large ~ healthy and strong.

From this perspective, ‘medicine’ can be to take a week in which we cancel all of our evening appointments so that we create time for ourselves to sit back, relax, and ensure a good night’s sleep. In doing so we may reduce our stress levels, which in turn may prevent us from getting sick.
It is as simple as it is effective…

Another way of applying ‘medicine’ is to buy, cook, and eat the foods our bodies need, rather than what we want. For instance lowering our sugar intake, or eating fruits and veggies ~ or even eating some heavier proteins when our bodies feel the need for them.
If we do our grocery shopping with this in mind, we may find that before long we are eating healthier foods that are more tuned to our individual needs. This then may result in losing a bit of extra weight; yet can just as easily result in gaining a couple of pounds when we are ‘underweight’ from a health perspective.

When we do this, the food we eat, the spices we use to prepare it, the attention we give to it ~ it all becomes part of our ‘medicine’. Our personal way to stay healthy.

In our modern way of living our lives, especially in the high frequency energy we are living in today, anything we can do for ourselves to lower the level of stress in our lives ~ whether that is through avoiding stressful situations, handling stressful situations more effectively, releasing built up stress sooner ~ can be looked at as our ‘medicine’ as it will help us to stay healthy.

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