Friday, June 6, 2014


It is always nice to have visitors over; friends who come by for a up of coffee, tea, or just to hang out and catch up. And whether they are friends, mere acquaintances, or family; whether we are looking forward to their visit or look upon it as somewhat of a chore, once they are over it is always fun to see each other, talk with each other, share idea’s; to just spend some time together.

From a spiritual perspective these are not the only visitors we may have over…
Every once in a while a friend may check in etherically. When this happens in our house, the cats will keep talking to me until they have made clear that we had a visitor and who it was…

On top of that we can always invite our guides, our guardian angel, and our etheric teachers over if we need their help with something we are working on or with. And the same goes for our ‘familiar spirit’ and our totem animals.

All in all one can have a house full of visitors, even when just a couple of friends have come over.
Almost from a perspective ‘the more the merrier’ this is no problem at all. As it turns out, there is always something to learn; something to gain from the exchange. Be it on a physical level, a spiritual level, or more of an inner realization.

And while sometimes it seems that the timing of the visit is a little off or unexpected, or the visitors stay way longer than anticipated; almost invariable when we look back on the visit is has been a good experience.

The only visitors that may pose a problem are those that are expressly uninvited. The ones that ignore the ‘posted signs’, the ones that disregard the flashing neon signs I put out there in my mind’s eye, saying ‘keep out’.

Like the visitor I had recently. A figure who jumped the fence into the back yard and took the keys to the shed, even while I was watching TV only 15 feet away… I never saw the person hop the fence the first time, or the second time later that night trying to get into the house (which luckily didn’t happen).
As this was a physical, uninvited visitor; the same is true for etheric uninvited visitors. They may come in and cause chaos or anxiety…
Either way they are invading a space they shouldn’t.

And just as with invited visitors there is something to learn, something to be gained from a visit like that. If only that it is time to repair the fence…

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