Friday, May 15, 2015

Catching up

There are periods in our lives when everything seems to happen all at once, and often during those times we have a tendency to handle things at an ‘what’s in your face is first’ basis.
No longer do we keep our priorities in mind; no longer do we look at things ~ or life as it happens ~ from a more or less logical perspective. We start doing things on the fly, and as they happen.
And there is not a whole lot wrong with that. It enables us to cope as best we can at that particular time in our lives ~ and that is a good thing.

Yet invariably, when things quiet down again, we find that somehow there are a lot of things that didn’t get done. And before we know it, we find ourselves catching up on all of those, rather than stepping back from it all, taking a deep breath and giving ourselves a moment to re-evaluate our ‘to-do list’.

When we would take a moment to do that, we could ask ourselves how important each of the items on the list really is. Is it worth spending our time and energy on it? Or is it something that we have always done because… Well because we grew up doing it; or because at some point in our lives ~ perhaps quite a long time ago ~ it was fun, necessary, or even required to do it. But is that still true?

The things that still are important to us, we probably should catch up on.
Chances are, however, that there are also things that we wouldn’t miss doing, even if we never did them again in our lives! And this would be a very good time to let those slip away into our past, rather than spending countless hours getting all of those things ‘back where they belong’.

We could even ask ourselves if getting in the situation where everything happened all at once ~ whether that was our own doing, a matter of circumstance, or rather the way life happened (in which case the Universe might have had a hand in it) ~ has been a hint to re-evaluate and re-prioritize in the first place…

That still makes it important to catch up on things ~ as long as we can honestly say that those are things we enjoy and appreciate being in our lives. It doesn’t make any sense at all to catch up on things we don’t want in our lives anymore.

So before getting all excited and busy catching up on stuff; take is good to take a moment to see if that is really what we want to do.

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