Friday, July 16, 2010


Yesterday I attended a class via conference call. It was the last class in a series of six, the topic was interesting, practical ~ although very condensed. With all the assignments and work involved, I couldn’t help but fall behind during the course of these six weeks. But I knew what I signed up for. And I have learned a lot and I am enjoying the process tremendously!
The package I could afford and signed up for allows me access to the resources provided for another six weeks. Which is a good thing as it gives me time ‘to catch up’. And after that I can become a member for a low monthly fee for as long as I want or need the resources ~ or want to be an active part of the community that has formed around the classes.

The whole program is well thought out. It starts with the offer of a free book that explains how to set up your internet business in easy steps: ‘Getting paid for who you are!’
And if that is all you want, it can help you a great deal!
There is also a blog, a chat room, and, as said the membership and the classes.

So far so good!

The thing that really caught my attention yesterday was an off the cuff comment on how a person had opted for the ‘high priced spread ~ class’ and already achieved a lot in setting up his internet business and that ‘sometimes, all it takes is to be around committed people’.

No doubt there is truth in that statement.
It really helps when you can share the path you are walking with others that are on a similar path. It inspires you, and can help you when you are not certain where to go from where you are at, at any specific moment.

The thing that didn’t sit well with me was the connection of a person’s commitment to having opted for the more expensive class. And the implication that those that opt for the (more expensive) VIP-membership are more committed than those that do not; than the ‘ordinary members’...

It makes me ponder the concept of commitment.

Surely, opting for any program involves a financial commitment, and/or a commitment of your time.
If you want to set up a new business, or even start doing new and exciting things in your life, it requires initiative and commitment. A mindset to ‘stick with it’ even when results take longer to manifest than you had hoped for...

The most important commitment, however, is the commitment you have toward yourself! The commitment to prioritize yourself!
Then, if you want to learn new things, do new things, take classes, join like-minded people ~ you do so because you are committed to yourself. Because you are committed to become the best you can be!

Now there is a commitment that I am truly happy to take on!

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  1. Hi Anne Claire,
    I could not agree more!