Friday, October 4, 2013

The energy of the weather

As the weather changes, the energy around us changes.
This is fairly obvious looking at the different seasons where for instance Winter has an introverted energy while Summer has an extraverted energy.
But even on a day to day basis, the energy changes as the weather changes...

Looking at the wind; it always has a flow, a movement ~ yet the energy of each movement is different. It is like the movement of the wind has an energy of dancing...
That way, the soft southern breeze is like a waltz, with flowing movements caressing all it encounters in its path. When it picks up in force, its energy may change into samba, or a rumba...
The northern breeze could feel like a tango, with a rhythmic, or perhaps more staccato quality. And when it picks up in force its energy could become something like an Irish jig.

The energy of a gentle rain is cleansing, purifying, and also nurturing and life giving. When it becomes a rainstorm its energy can change into a cleansing and transforming ~ or changing ~ energy. The rain ~ and later its runoff ~ will shape and mold the environment into something new.
A thunderstorm often has an energy that is more rejuvenating, bringing a new alignment into being.

The energy of the sun is a happy, upbeat, outgoing energy. Yet as it grows in strength it turns into a burning, fiery energy. A sharp energy that can cut like a knife.
It reflective energy; the moon energy is a much softer, kinder energy. A cool energy.

The temperature also adds its part to the picture. Crisp, cold temperature can be invigorating, where a more ‘covered’ cold tends to brings us together around the fire. And while the warmer temperatures may give us a ‘get up and go’ energy; once the heat gets to us it lets us take cover and rest.

Observing the weather from this perspective, all kinds of combinations of wind and weather can bring about different flows, different movements, different dances...

A soft, southern breeze under a full moon, with clear skies may feel like the enchantment of ballet. A western wind with bright sunny weather can have the activity and unexpected excitement of street dancing. An eastern wind under cloudy skies may carry the energy of a rave where all are moving in their own way to the same music.

The energy of the weather changes day by day ~ sometimes hour by hour ~ giving us the opportunity to change our step and move with it... It invites us to join in its movements and to start dancing!

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