Tuesday, October 8, 2013

When life is taking over

Every once in a while we may find ourselves in a situation where ‘going with the flow’ means that we drift from one thing that needs to be done right now, to the next. Even when we have our priorities straight; our energy levels and the time we have in a day seem to dictate what we do. how we actually use that time and energy. Especially if we are intend on ‘going with the flow’.

When something like that happens for a day, it is usually just a busy day. One of those days we can look back upon totally fulfilled because we got a lot done.
As it happens for a week ~ we chalk it up to experience, and we vow to change something in our planning next time such that this doesn’t happen again.
If it takes even longer, there is a chance it is becoming a pattern. A pattern that can bring with it quite a bit of frustration at that! Because there is never any time to do the things you wish to do...

I can’t help but wonder whether it means I am ‘going with the flow’, or if ‘life has taken over’; or even if it is just a case of ‘bad planning’.

‘Going with the flow’ implies a certain ease of living. We drift into the direction we want to go anyway, without an enormous effort on our part. So clearly this situation is well beyond ‘going with the flow’, as ~ while we are doing a lot of things each day ~ it tends to be harder and harder to also find fulfillment in the way we are spending our time and energy.

It also seems to be outside of the realm of ‘bad planning’ ~ specifically when we really do feel we have our priorities straight. After all, we are doing the best we can with what we got ~ and still have a really hard time to make it work.

That leaves ‘life has taken over’. A situation in which we are directed from a very different level of (Universal) consciousness, in order to get things done that otherwise may fall between the cracks ~ whether these things are prevalent in our own lives, or in the life of someone else.
The frustration comes from our own wishes and desires that ~ at least for the moment ~ are incompatible with the wishes and desires of the Universe.

Of course we always have the right to choose, to make a choice to not do all those things we find on our path. But that doesn’t make things going more smoothly necessarily as it means we are stopping life itself from ‘taking over’.

Yet as we shift our attitudes from what we want out of our lives, to what the Universe needs at this point in time ~ things start getting easier...

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