Tuesday, October 29, 2013


When working with computers ~ and who isn’t nowadays ~ it is important to make a back-up every once in a while. To place all your ‘files and stuff’ on some kind of different, separate memory; be it a memory stick, an external hard drive or a number of DVD’s.

In doing so, it gives you the expectation ~ if not the certainty ~ that you can recover your work, fun, and whatever else is on your computer in case of an emergency. Things that can happen as computers are ~ like us humans ~ sturdy yet fragile. When pushed over the edge, the fall can be long and hard...

So as we feel it is ‘normal’ to create regular back-ups of our computers ~ it makes me think what we do for ourselves. What do we have to fall back upon when things go wrong; when we are pushed over the edge? Where can we recover our ‘files and stuff’ if something goes wrong?

It seems that it is a good thing to take a step back from all our activities at regular intervals; to step out of the flow of things in our lives in order to see what is going on. Often that is something that is hard to see when we are in the middle of things ~ moving away from it a little bit can create just that distance we need to start reevaluating our lives, to see if our priorities are still the way they work best for us; to examine whether what we consider our values really are ours and are still helping us along in life...
One could say that this is how we would do a back-up on ourselves. On our ‘files and stuff’.

The other thing that happens when we step away from the push of day to day life is that we get a much more clear picture as to what is going on. It really does help us to decide where to put our time and energy ~ much like we would ‘clean up our computers’ before doing that back-up, it allows for a clean up of all those little things that have crept into our lives; demanding our energy and attention while we are not even always aware of how they got there or what ~ if anything ~ they have to add to our lives.

In other words ~ even if it works slightly different for us as humans as it does for our computers ~ it is still important to take the time for a back-up every once in a while...

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