Friday, December 13, 2013


In the grand scheme of things it is often just a pinpoint that can be the catalyst for changes to start rolling into our lives. It can be a pinpoint of time, the moment when we suddenly know with absolute clarity that from here on out, nothing will be the same ever again. It can be a pinpoint in a situation; the point in the process at which we know with great certainty what the outcome will be, and how we can get there. That pinpoint of time, of energy, of experience that signifies a boundary between ‘before’ and ‘after’.

Sometimes those pinpoints in our lives are things that ~ according to a sensible, logical perspective ~ we wouldn’t have wished in our lives; or in anyone’s life for that matter. They can be accidents, illnesses, or even the experience of a great loss.
But they can also be enlightening experiences. It can be that moment when we finally take a step back, have a good look at ourselves and the situation we are finding ourselves in, only to start laughing ~ kind of like ‘How did a nice girl like me get in a place like this?’ And as the laughter breaks the tension of the situation, we may find that the world is a light and wide open space that is waiting at our feet…

These pinpoints all seem to mark a point in our lives where we change our attitudes, our outlooks; our perspectives on the world around us, and consequently how we view ourselves and our personal lives.
From now on everything will be different.

Yet while we expect changes to take effect overnight, this is not always the case.

In truth, how quickly we can start seeing the actual changes in our lives does depend on what is happening in our lives at that moment, the choices we feel we have and the decisions we make.

After having had an epiphany, we may choose to turn around and walk away from everything we have known and valued up to that (pin)point in life ~ making sure the changes to our lives are pretty much instantaneous.
Or we may go after changing our inner selves rather than the (outer) circumstances ~ in which case chances are the changes will take longer to take effect. After all, even though we know we have changed; we may not quite know exactly how we have changed; how our attitudes, our perspectives are now different ~ and therefore it may take time before we know precisely what we wish to change in our lives.

As time passes and we can look back on that period in our lives, one curious thing remains: we can always pinpoint with enormous accuracy at which moment we changed from ‘before’ to ‘after’.

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