Tuesday, August 12, 2014


It seems that nowhere in life do we encounter more ‘symptoms’ than when we are looking at our health. It is in health related things that the word is also used most ~ so that makes sense. Sort of.

Perhaps the most widespread symptom is that we experience pain when something is going on with our bodies, physical, emotional, or mental. That pain then is a symptom that something is not right, and will often kick off the search for what is causing it such that this cause can be treated.

Symptoms are used to diagnose what is going on with our system; our bodies and minds. This way, difficulty breathing may be a symptom of an allergy, or asthma. Or it can be a symptom that has nothing whatsoever to do with either allergies or asthma; in which case it brings up the dilemma on how to treat this particular symptom…

When there are multiple symptoms that may even seem unrelated, and yet are all important the whole situation becomes complex in a hurry. When this happens, the most difficult question to answer may well be whether all these multiple symptoms relate to one underlying cause, or if the multiple symptoms signal multiple problems with multiple causes…

As we are one being, chances are that at least at some level all symptoms are related. But that is not an obvious perspective… All too often it seems that each and every symptom is treated separately. Something that can work out great, yet in these changing times with an ever increasing energy frequency, it tends to often create more and unanticipated problems.

Somehow it seems that as everything within us and around us is changing, the way we look at, and deal with symptoms may also be changing.
So rather than looking at the symptoms that are apparent and treating every symptom separately; it seems to make more and more sense to observe each symptom and to search for what has caused it in the first place. And when the causes are found, to see whether these causes are somehow related to one another. If they are, great!! Then there is something that can be treated. Yet if there is no relationship between these causes, perhaps there is a cause behind the cause; and may be even a cause behind that one…
Ultimately there has to be either just one cause that, through a series of events caused all the symptoms ~ or just a few causes that are connected to one another and as such connect all of the symptoms.

After all, the symptom is just a sign; a signal caused by a situation or event  that needs our attention.

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