Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Fear and stress

Fear is not necessarily a ‘bad’ thing, and in a sense the same is true for stress. There are many situations that can bring stress into our lives, situations we like or deem to be ‘good’ like first date butterflies, or situations that we feel we can do without, like being overcommitted in some shape or form. Whatever the cause of the stress, it will heighten our awareness and make us more vigilant. On the other hand, it is a state of being that, while it can help us in a short term, we shouldn’t accept as part of our lives in the long term as it can also damage our health.

From that perspective there are definite similarities between fear and stress.
When they are connected to something that is happening right there and then, something we are personally involved in that we can handle; chances are that the fear and associated stress in that moment will help us make the best choices in that split second, and take the right action in order to come out at the other end unharmed.

However, when they are connected to a situation that is out of our control, a situation that is not imminent, a situation that is played up and fed by the media as something that may happen, both fear and the associated stress can keep building in our systems. It will take away our discernment as to when to act quickly and decisively; yet even when we do, the stress won’t go away…

The result may well be that because of the extended period in which we experience feelings of fear and stress, our immune systems start weakening. Making us more susceptible to disease. And when we are in a general state of unease, or dis-ease, we may not be quite as aware or vigilant as we would normally be, or perhaps go to the other side of the spectrum and become extremely aware and hypervigilant. We may not sleep as well, and still feel restless…
And bit by bit, over time, we deplete the natural resources our bodies have to deal with things, to be healthy and happy.

Perhaps the best way to deal with the fear and stress that are brought on by events that are happening on a worldwide scale, yet are not affecting us on a personal level, is to send Light to all those that are involved. Independent if we personally agree the situation, the actions taken and how things are playing out; send Light. Pray for the best outcome for them, for us and for the world in general.

And then let it, and the fear and stress associated with it, go…

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