Friday, October 17, 2014


Today I keep thinking of Winnie the Pooh; more precisely about this little discussion he has with Piglet:
   “What day is it?” asked Pooh
   “It’s today” squeaked Piglet
   “My favorite day” said Pooh

It is something that is so easily forgotten, that today is that time that we have, right here, right in front of us. Yesterday is history, and tomorrow is yet to come. But today is here to be experienced, to be lived to the fullest.
After all we never know what live will bring, what problems we may have to face some other day; or even if there will be another day at all… Therefore, today should be our favorite day, every day.

So today things didn’t happen quite as expected. Of course, life hardly ever does. We can make plans, and take steps toward making those plans happen, yet sometimes, when it gets to be ‘today’ things happen, plans change. This may well be because we get distracted.
The question then becomes why we allow ourselves to be distracted. Is there anything not quite the way it should be with our plans, or with the way we propose to make our plans reality? Because sometimes those distractions are really pointers that while our plans are well thought out, there is something that can make the end result even better for us than we had ever anticipated.
Then again, other times distractions are just that, distractions. Excuses that ‘happen’ and that are giving us a reason to not do those things we had intended to do today.

And then there are those days that our flow of events is interrupted by an event so momentous, that it takes our attention, our focus right off whatever we were doing. It may be something that we are directly involved in, or can be something that grabs hold of us because it is happening close to us; close to where we work or live.
When something like that occurs, it just stops us in our tracks; it makes us reevaluate our priorities in life. And it can make us grateful for today. Grateful that today we can bask in the sunlight, enjoy our families, and make plans for other ‘todays’…

So, from that perspective, today is where it is at.
Today we can actually do things ~ as opposed to yesterday or tomorrow. Today we can either take or reject what life has to offer. Today we can make choices that may affect how we experience our lives, not only today, but also for the days to come.

So I agree with Pooh, today is my favorite day!

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