Tuesday, November 11, 2014


Throughout our lives we spend quite a bit of time learning things. Useful things like reading and writing, things we use every day of our lives. And then there are things we wish we had learned in school, and dependent on how much time we want to commit to it; we catch up later in life taking specific classes in those areas.
Perhaps the most difficult things to learn in class are the tools to live a productive life. The tools we need to make our dreams come true. The tools we need to become all of who we can be; to explore our potential to the fullest. Traditionally we learn those things ‘on the go’. We pick up on them as we come across a situation where those skills are needed.
We learn them from experience.

That being said, there are all kinds of classes and workshops that intend to teach us exactly those things; with the promise that our lives will be enhanced mightily after having taken that particular class. Once we embark on a journey of taking classes to experience life more fully, we may find ourselves in a position where after every class or workshop, there is always yet another class on the horizon, and another, and another…
It eventually may get us in a position where we have spend a lot of time learning things without really having tested them in ‘real life’. It is like we have a big cabinet with all kinds of things, tools, on the shelves without us taking any of it out to actually use it, and experience how whatever it is we learned can enhance our lives.

Only when we start using the things we have learned do they become skills. Learning them without using them, without experiencing them, ultimately doesn’t do us any good at all.

On the other hand, as soon as we start experiencing how things can work for us, it will start moving us forward on our paths just like that!

What this says is that whatever class we feel like taking, it will serve us best when it gives us a set of tools and tips that we can use in our lives immediately. When it teaches us something that we can try out that same day. When it motivates us to take that which we learned into our day to day experience right away.

As it turns out, a class that actually could accomplish that for us, doesn’t even have to teach us something new; the new thing in the class would be how we make it part of our life experience…
Because at the end of the day, experience trumps ‘learned’ every single time.

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