Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Two things in life

Where I live there is this advertisement on the TV that states that there are only two things in life; the things that are worth it, and the rest.
And every time I hear these words, I get this little pang of recognition; even though I am still not entirely clear on what the add is for. It is about this very simple way of sorting through everything that comes our way in life. The simplicity of a ‘yes or no’ decision.
Either it is worth it, or it is not. Period.

And I have to admit that I would like to actually look at things in that manner. With every little or big thing that crosses my path ~ of which I feel I have to do something with it ~ to just use that discernment and decide whether that particular thing is worth it to me, or not. Whether it is something I want to go for, or if it is something that I can do without. Without judgement as to whether it is good or bad; just the decision that is is or is not something I want in my life right now…

This is true for material things, but also for concepts, thoughts, attitudes, and even people.

It is an approach that is fairly foreign to me. I was raised that one has to help others, be polite to others, make time for others; and of course get a certain education, a suitable job, drive a reliable car, and on, and on, and on…
And while I have chosen differently in many of these things, it still is a challenge to view the world around me with a simplicity that neatly divides the world in two. The things I like, and the things I don’t like. The things I desire, and the things I don’t care for. The things that are worth it, and the rest.

From my personal perspective. So something can have a factual value, yet if I have no need for it, it is still not worth it to me…
No maybe’s, or perhaps. No ‘let’s try later’. No excuses. And no need for pro’s and con’s, or even to defend my decision. It would cut out a lot of drama from life as the reason for the ‘yes, or no’ decision is upfront and personal; in a good way. No second guessing, no choices we make in order to appease others, or to behave according to expectations…

The only thing that counts is the realization of those two things in life; the things that are worth it, and the rest.

It would be a breath of fresh air.

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