Friday, November 28, 2014


Structure, whether it is a structure, a planning, a way of organizing our lives; a way to get the job done; or even a routine that makes life easy and comfortable for us, is one of those things that have two sides to it. As in this day and age pretty much anything has two sides to it.

Yet, when we take a look at structure both sides are truly interesting, and in a way can be good for us.
On one side there is the structure, the routine we like. The way we get up in the morning, the things we do, that first cup of coffee or tea… It is a structure that gives us comfort and a certain sense of security within our lives. On the other side there is a structure to how and when we do the things we need to do. Like showing up on time for our jobs, getting the job done in such a way it pays off. Doing the things that are required of us in a certain way at a certain time.

And, as said before, there is nothing wrong with either one of those structures in our lives. Apart from the comfort of knowing what is up next, it brings a measure of efficiency to the things we need to accomplish on a day to day basis.
In a sense it brings a certain rhythm to our days that is predictable, and comfortable.

But what happens when the predictability takes over, and we start having a hard time functioning outside of that structure, that rhythm? What happens when the structure is so tightly set that stepping outside of it becomes next to impossible? Or when that comfortable personal routine becomes a rut?

That is where the polarity shows itself.
Then it is definitely time to have a second look at the routines and structures in our lives…

Structures can give us a sense of freedom; the freedom of knowing what we are going to do and how we will accomplish what we set out to do. In its polarity a structure can become so tight that it takes away our sense of creativity. We can become so set in our personal routines that when we are not following them we feel something is off. Or even that we are doing something ‘wrong’.

At that point, to make a conscious choice to do things in a different manner; to purposely step out of our routine, out of the structure we have been working within for some time, can open up all kinds of new things for us!
A new way to do things, and even doing new things!

So whenever you feel the structures in your life taking over, consciously choose to create a new structure, a new routine for yourself; and you may be surprised at how much fun life can be again!

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