Tuesday, January 6, 2015


It is easy to get discouraged nowadays. There are all kinds of, quite frankly, very scary problems in the world today, with no telling how and perhaps more importantly where they will develop. And while, as a meditator or healer, we may send Light to those situations and all that are affected by them, as we pray for them; if we are listening to the newscasts or reading up on it on the internet, that doesn’t seem to make a whole lot of difference. It looks like our prayers aren’t answered…

It is easy to see what is wrong in the world today and to get discouraged by it. Yet, pretty much all of the things that we see on the news, read on the internet, are things in far-away places, and are therefore well outside of our realm of influence. Of course we send our prayers and our Light, but on a practical level there is not a whole lot we can do. And it is exactly that which sparks the discouragement in ourselves.

To solve those feelings of discouragement ~ that have a tendency to paralyze us, almost preventing us from taking action in our own lives ~ we indeed would need to look at our own lives. How do the things we hear in the news translate to something that gives us a similar feeling within our realm of influence, within our own lives, within ourselves even.
Do we want to stick to our principles more, yet are feeling we cannot do that because it might drive family or friends away from us? Or do we want to start eating healthy and taking way better care of ourselves and our health, yet we feel we cannot do that as the rest of the family is not supporting us in our efforts? Or perhaps we want to drop our masks and be totally, brutally honest to ourselves and those around us, while knowing full well that this is ‘not done’ in the social circles we find ourselves in.

All of these sort of things are within our control, and therefore are things we can work with; we can change in our lives. We can think it through, we can come up with a plan how to solve these dilemmas within ourselves without getting angry or feeling sick about them; without permitting them to bring us into a state of discouraged inaction.

While we may not be able to immediately change horrible circumstances and situations on the other side of the world, we most definitely can come to grips with our personal dilemmas and circumstances in order to take steps to make things better. And then to move on from there…

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