Friday, July 3, 2015


There are many forms of ice; and ow that the weather is getting warmer again, the one that comes to my mind first is ice-cream. Or perhaps gelato. The soft, creamy goodness to be enjoyed in the first rays of sunshine. A celebration of the good things in life.

But there are many forms of ice. In essence it is frozen water.
Whether you see it as snow, hail, sleet, or when the pond is frozen over ~ all of them are forms of ice.

Looking at a more symbolic perspective on ice, the first thing to look at is water. Water, as a symbol is cleansing; yet it also refers to our emotions. The way we feel about things. The way we react to things initially, before we have taken time to think them through…
As water, our emotions are fluid. They come and go.
For instance, we can get decidedly grumpy when someone cuts in front of us, and yet we may have forgotten the next minute as we may see something beautiful happening. Like a rainbow or something like that. In other words, our emotions, in fluid form, come and go. Often dependent upon what we are experiencing right at that moment.

But there are also situations when the waters freeze. When the cold brings a stillness to the water, and eventually halts its fluidity completely.
This can happen as a natural effect of the cold, Winter temperatures. It may prompt us to go inside; both stepping inside and out of the cold, as well as going inside ourselves. Examining our inner world, our inner desires.
However, it can also happen symbolically.
Throughout time we all may experience situations in our lives that seem frozen in time. Perhaps cold, but most definitely still. They are situations that we will always carry with us, no matter what happened before, or will happen after. That one moment remains frozen in time, allowing us to see it and its ramifications with absolute crystal clarity.

This clarity is there because in that very moment our emotions are frozen as well.
In that instant, they are not moving from one to another as they would in their fluid form; they are still. As if they have become ice.

Crystalline water.

As it happens, a way to step out of that situation, that moment, seems to come with that other ice; the ice cream. Its sweetness can comfort us, giving us the sense that everything is going to be fine. Things are going to turn out alright.

Independent from what has happened before, or what will happen in the future.

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