Friday, September 10, 2010


When asked to share something of Julian’s teachings ~ something that has affected me most ~ I found myself facing a dilemma. In the 10 years or so that I have experienced the teachings first hand from June Burke and Julian, there have been so many things that, certainly with the clarity of 20/20 hindsight, have changed my life!

When I look at my life today, there are certain things that have happened that looking back, remain to be markers, or even milestones.
Things like getting my drivers license, and later-on the truck that allowed me independence in traveling with my horse, the motor bike accident, meeting Sam, and through him meeting June and Julian.
As I am writing this down, I find it just as interesting what events seemed just as big and important at the time; may even have been life-changing events, and yet they don’t make the list of milestones...

Needless to say that Julian’s teachings have, and continue to change my life.
But when asked what single thing has affected me most... There have been so many things both in the mystical teachings as well as in private encounters with both June and Julian ~ and each has helped me to direct my life in such a way that I find myself expressing more and more of my unique potential, gaining an ever greater sense of my reality Self.

Having to choose just one or two things, I think the most important thing happened in one of the first of Julian’s workshops I attended. It was break-time, and pretty much everybody was following Julian’s advice to move around and breathe a little bit. And although Julian often answered personal questions during those breaks, this time he did not ~ resting a bit himself. As I got up, to my surprise Julian called me over ~ and he told me: “You are enough! You don’t have to be anything else than who you are, and you are enough.”

It has been an affirmation I have worked with for a long, long time. Telling myself that ‘I am enough’ every time I saw myself in the mirror; in the reflection of a window, or just enjoying a walk ~ ‘I am enough’.
After working with this affirmation for about three weeks, it began to sink in ~ and as it did, my life began to change, empowering me every step of the way.

“I am enough, I don’t have to be anyone else except my Self, and I can do it”

And in a point in time where the energies not only have a high vibration, but seem scattered every once in a while, it is something that is a good thing to remember ~ not just for me, but for everybody...

Information on Julian's Teachings can be found at the Julian Teachings website.

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