Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Something worth going for...

Writing to me comes easiest when I ‘allow it to happen’. When I go with the flow of words that well up inside of me - just letting them out. In doing so, sometimes surprising lines of thought appear on the computer in front of me. Things that have been there for quite a while already, things that I never really gave much thought. It is just that now the words are right in front of me...

This happened not too long ago as I was writing the outline to a new book.
As I was writing the book as I envision it as an outline, it suddenly occurred to me that as I child I had known exactly what I was going to do. And it wasn’t as much a dream, or a phantasy ~ you know like a lot of children will tell you they are going to be a fireman, doctor, nurse, teacher etc. when they grow up. I may not have had the vocabulary at the time to express it succinctly ~ but I knew with a certainty what I was here to do!
I would speak to groups of people.

So why am I currently ~ this blog aside ~ not doing that?
What happened?

Life happened.

Between school, friends, study, jobs, family, travel, and not in the least the fact that, like everybody else I have to pay the bills ~ that certainty of what I am here to do I had as a child was put on the back-burner. In fact, for many years it had fallen off the stove completely!

And while life may allow you to ‘not remember’ something ~ if that something is part of your personal path of growth for this life-experience it will most certainly not let you forget.
At some point, whatever it is will be brought back to your awareness; for you to evaluate whether this is still something you want to do.
Perhaps you now see that there is a different platform, new technology to do this thing you always wanted to do. Or do you choose to not do it at all ~ after all, we do have ‘free will choice’.

On the other hand, if it was that important that you were certain you were going to do it, achieve it, as a child ~ when it then, many years later comes back into your life maybe ~ rather than pushing it aside again it is good to take a second look. To really see it for what it is.

I bet it is something worth going for!

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