Tuesday, November 9, 2010

What do you believe?

If we are the (co)creators of our lives, our thoughts and our actions are what shapes and forms our lives. Yet, if it were that easy, we should all be happy ~ living exactly the lives we envision for ourselves...
As that at least doesn’t seem to be true for all of us; there has to be more to it.

The things is that our thoughts and actions are directed by our conscious mind, which in turn relies on the input of the subconscious mind. And it is this input that we are not always aware of; even though it signals us all the time. Through dreams, omens, visions, intuitive insights and so on.

The subconscious is programmed from the moment we are born, and is also home to our belief system.
And these are the things that are most influential in the way we create our lives.

So if we believe that we have to work really hard and make long hours in order to make a living ~ chances are that we will find ourselves in exactly that position: a job where we have to work hard and make long hours for our salary. As long as we believe the need for working hard, and the long hours to be true ~ it also will proof difficult to change; to find a job which allows us to make the same amount of money in fewer hours...
Now, this example is fairly straightforward. Where it gets to be harder to see the cause and effect of our believe system is when we start looking at things like self esteem, self worth, self respect.

Our quick, conscious-mind reaction often is: “Of course I’m worth it” or “Sure, I respect myself”. And while that is a good thing ~ the real question is whether, deep down inside ourselves we truly, honestly believe that we are worthy. Worthy of respect, to be held in esteem.
Because, no matter what we say ~ if deep down inside our subconscious mind tells us something different, ultimately, that message is what counts as we are shaping our lives...

And so we find ourselves living a pattern; and no matter how badly we want to step out of that pattern ~ unless we can change the message our subconscious is giving us, our subconscious belief system will keep dictating how we are creating our lives.

So looking at how we are creating our lives ~ we really should take a good, honest look at the things we  believe to be true. To ask ourselves the question: “What do I believe?”
About the world around you. And maybe most importantly, about ourselves.

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