Friday, September 6, 2013


Insights and the resulting revelations usually are exactly that: in-sights. Looking into one self or into a situation and suddenly seeing things differently...

It is always a process of discovery. Discovering more about ourselves ~ even when the initial insight is about a situation. Seeing our place in that situation; looking at how we are handling that situation can spark insights into ourselves. In how we perceive the world around us. In how we handle ‘stuff’ that comes up.
For instance, are we more apt to walk away from a situation we cannot ~ for the moment ~ solve? Or are we more likely to pick up the pieces ~ even solve other people’s problems if that means we can bring the situation to a satisfactory conclusion? Just looking at ourselves from this perspective can give us great insights in how we handle responsibility. Are we taking on too much responsibility, or too little?

And while we may take some time to examine how we are handling simple, every day situations in order to gain insights into ourselves ~ more often than not these insights are offered to us unbidden. Just by someone else saying something. Telling us something that we may not have thought of before; or even something we don’t want to hear. Or even by us hearing ourselves telling something to another person can suddenly bring that pang of recognition on how we are doing something in a way we really never wanted to (for instance the same way we always have seen our parents do it).
In a sense, there are unending opportunities to gain insight into ourselves in our day to day lives...

The difficulty often is not the realization of the ‘insightful moment’, it is the differentiation between which side of the issue we are on.
For instance, if we have a tendency to take on more responsibility than is ‘rightfully ours’; and an interaction or situation comes up that can bring this to our attention ~ it is really easy to immediately feel that we have dropped the ball, that we probably should have taken on more responsibility. Because that is ~ or has been ~ the pattern in our lives. In truth the interaction or situation may well have come to us so we can see where not to take on the responsibility of others and to let the chips fall where they may.
Or when someone keeps bringing up a past event ~ is it because we still have something to learn from it? Or because it is time to let go and move on?

The only way to find out which one it is, is to see into ourselves; to discover where we stand on it, and to apply that insight to the situation at hand...

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