Friday, November 22, 2013

Real Life Puzzles

There are a lot of things that can be puzzling to us; things that we don’t see how it works or what the solution is. Even things that are different than they appear ~ in other words what we see is not exactly what is there. What is truly there may be more than what we see; or it can be less. Sometimes we see things that in reality aren’t there at all…

All these things end up to be puzzling to us. That is, until we take a closer look to see what is really there and in doing so, solve the puzzle at hand.

Other puzzles we may encounter in our lives are situations that we don’t see an immediate solution to. Perhaps especially those situations that make us think (or say) “What is a nice person like me coin in a mess like this?” And while we can have trouble seeing our way out os a situation like that, usually we do find a way to solve the puzzle ~ not only getting out of ‘the mess’ we are finding ourselves in, but perhaps also seeing how we had gotten there in the first place.

In a sense the hallmark of the more interesting puzzles in life is that there is that component to them that lets us ask questions like ‘how?’, or ‘why?’, or ‘what?’.

“How did I get into that situation in the first place?”
“Why do I keep placing myself in situations like that?”
“What does this situation, this puzzle have to tell me?”

The truly interesting thing about real life puzzles is the question how we use them in our lives.
Is that puzzling situation we come across in our lives in reality something we have created, have manifested, as a distraction in order to not have to look at the real issues at hand?
Or has that space in our house that is never big enough for our use ~ for instance because it holds things we value yet don’t do anything with ~ become the excuse to not use that space at all; and in effect stifling us in accomplishing our goals?

Typically these are things that are totally obvious to those around us as they often can clearly see how we use a particular puzzle in such a manner we don’t have to step out of our comfort zone ~ so we don’t have to change things…

This makes asking for input from other people a very useful step toward solving the puzzles in our lives. That, and the answer to the question “How do I use that puzzle in my life to my (dis)advantage?”

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