Friday, April 4, 2014


I have to admit, at times I do envy my cats. Or more precise; not just my cats; pretty much all cats. It is just that I am in a better position to observe the threesome that look at me to open the food cans…

It is being said that dogs have masters, and cats have employees.
It seems to be true that dogs are more apt to to do things that will make a person happy. In a way, they even may go out of their way to do so.
This is not true for cats. Cats treat you as an equal at best, while doing whatever it takes to be happy themselves. That being said, they are absolutely perfect at guarding a space, be it physically or in energy. Yes, they do have a job; they just lack having a boss. And while at it, I as a human ~ while greatly appreciated for my ability to come up with a variety of tasty bits and willingness to open its containers ~ should really get with it and help out as best I can. (After all, those humans tend to be a bit dense.)

But this is not why I envy cats.
I envy them because of their aptitude to be themselves. For the way they do the things they do ~ whether it is their ‘job’ or just whatever it is cats do ~ while staying totally true to themselves. No compromises. Unless of course what I might interpret as a compromise ~ something like lazing about on my lap while purring loudly ~ is part of their plan. After all, the lap is comfortable, and when played right, the purring  will instigate petting. Petting that needs to be done ‘just so’. And if I don’t get it right; well there are other comfortable places to repose… No hard feelings.

It is one of those lessons cats can teach us; to be entirely true to ourselves, doing the things we (have to) do with grace, and not having any hard feelings when people around us ‘just don’t get it’. Knowing when to be persistent, and realizing when it is time to move on; either to something else, or by doing what we set out to do in our own way. Pleasing others because it gives us a sense of wellbeing; without ever giving up our own plans, our own values, or our sense of who we truly are.

No doubt any kind of (pet) animal has plenty lessons to teach us, but to me cats are in a class all by themselves.

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