Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Important things

Has it ever happened to you that in the midst of everything that is going on in your life, you suddenly forget something important? Something that, in quieter times you truly make a priority. Something you value, and even enjoy… And yet, when things get all topsy turvy you never even thought about it. That is, until just that time when you would have done it, when you needed the result of whatever it is that has slipped your mind.
Right at that moment, a sense of panic may set in. This thing that is really important to me should have been done by now, and it isn’t. I haven’t.

When this occurs, one of two things may happen next.
Either we have a problem. We need to scramble to make it work as the important thing that didn’t happen ~ wasn’t done ~ is the hinge pin for a whole host of other things that are tied to it and that may be equally as important to us.
Or life goes on without a hitch. Leaving whatever it is we didn’t do as a choice to do at some later time, or not at all. Just skipping it for now until we find ourselves at a point in our lives that is less hectic, a moment  when we can gain more enjoyment from doing this thing…

Interestingly, whether we have created a problem for ourselves or not has nothing to do with our sense of importance of this thing we really wanted to do; we truly wanted to accomplish. Even though at the surface it seems that when it ends up being a problem in our lives when it didn’t happen it must have been way more important then when there are no discernible consequences of letting the thing that holds importance to us slip.

In other words, the true importance doesn’t lie in the result necessarily; it is part of our experience. If having the experience is important to us; then it is. Independent of the result.

However, it might give us a different perspective on how we plan our lives…

If we plan our lives minute by minute so full that when one thing takes a bit more time ~ or when we find ourselves being just tired and really need a rest ~ a whole range of other things that are dependent on this thing being done cause us trouble, stress, and making our lives even busier; then perhaps we have too much n our plate. Too many balls in the air…
If this is the case, it may be a good idea to revisit our schedule to see what is truly important in our lives.

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