Tuesday, July 29, 2014


We tend to look at ‘positive’ in relationship to its polarity ‘negative’ only.
It seems that for the past number of years when there is anything positive, we tend to look at the negative aspect of it. To the point where being ‘too positive’ was even labeled ‘negative’; and one was quickly way too positive…

On the other hand, ‘negative’ is not necessarily  seen as ‘no, can’t do’, or the ‘un-form’ around a created shape; it mirror image in a sense ~ negative is often seen as having a sense of reality. It is as if one is looking for what is wrong, rather than what is right; and as it turn out that ‘wrong’ is often easy to find nowadays.

The thing is, the negative begets negativity. The more we focus on what is wrong, the more energy we feed in to the negative aspects of a situation, the bigger those negative aspects become.
The same is true, of course, for the positive…

The question then is raised where we would rather like to be; in a negative space, or in a positive space. A space filled with anger, frustration and finger pointing; or a space where the positive is consciously highlighted.

Looking at the news, it seems that more and more positive news stories are being published.
Stories about someone just doing something nice for someone else, a stranger even. About pets that are rescued. About people helping people.
About kindness.

It seems to be the start of a trend.
More and more people are turning away from the negative, and are consciously looking for that which is positive. Even in the midst of disaster, we can feel positive about the respect with which things are handled. We can celebrate how someone who is wrongfully accused regains freedom, rather than dwelling on the fact that once upon a time that person was jailed… We shouldn’t deny that it happened, however dwelling on it doesn’t help us in any way to turn it around.

As more and more people are choosing to focus on the positive, the positive becomes ‘newsworthy’. The more people who want to read about the positive, the easier it is to find it in print ~ be it on actual paper or digitally.

It is a trend that is worth joining.
Especially when things seem dark and difficult, negative even, it is worth to consciously look for something positive. Something that is beautiful. Something that makes us smile.

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