Friday, June 11, 2010

Polarities revisited

We often tend to look at polarities in terms of ‘good’ and ‘bad’.
A more realistic perspective may be to see them as two sides of the same coin ~ as two extremes of the same energy.

The most obvious polarities in our world today are likely ‘peace and war’, and ‘love and hate’. And it seems very difficult not to view these in terms of ‘good and bad’, but rather as two sides of the same coin. After all, in newscasts we are bombarded with images that show us, often in all it horrible detail, how bad ‘war’ and ‘hate’ are. Telling us the gruesome stories of those who perished in the midst of it, and of those who survived, bearing the scars of the experience.

It is quite clear, we want to have the ‘good’ side; peace and love ~ and we want to eradicate the ‘bad’ side; war and hate.

The problem this poses is that in order to come to a truly balanced perspective, both polarities are needed. This then indicates that just living in peace and love is as unrealistic, as living in war and hate is gruesome.

The question then becomes what coin we are looking at here, what the base energy of these polarities may be...
When we look at peace and war ~ how about naming its base energy the energy of coexistence?
Even though we would like to coexist peacefully with everybody else on the planet, there will always be those people that we have a conflict of personality with. And there will be those that have belief systems and values that really do not ‘ring true’ to us. Consequently, we may not want to be all that close to those people, we may even ‘badmouth’ them every once in a while (after all, we are only human...). Then bringing the perspectives of those we really like and of those we want no part of together, a point of balance may emerge that is something like ‘civil coexistence’.

From a spiritual perspective, polarities have such importance in this point in time such that we can experience both extremes, both polarities, in order for the point of balance to emerge.
This point of balance then is not meant to be a static place, but more of a place from where both polarities can be viewed and understood, without us moving into either extreme.

It is not unlike a kid standing in the middle of a seesaw. Through manipulating his weight, he can move either side of the seesaw, while he himself stays at an even height in the middle.

And when we learn to do this, not only our lives, but the whole world will become a much more balanced place for us to live in...

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