Tuesday, June 8, 2010

That which we give our energy to, grows.

On the surface, this may seem like an obvious statement. After all, if we spend more time and energy working, the fruits of our labor will grow. Or so we hope and expect.

However, from a metaphysical perspective, this principle stretches beyond the obvious.

From a metaphysical, or even spiritual standpoint the energy we expend is not only the actual labor we put into a project, it is also our attitude, and maybe most important our focus. So let’s look at that...

For instance, if we are happy with our job because it permits us to pay the bills, but we keep focusing on how the work we do is not very fulfilling ~ eventually the power of our focus will put us in a position where the work becomes less and less fulfilling; or perhaps even gets us to a point where we get fired. Yet, if we are focusing on doing the job at hand to the best of our ability while looking out for an opening into a more fulfilling position, any number of things may happen that make the job more interesting: a raise (sometimes money really does talk), a promotion, a different position, or a totally different job altogether.

Our attitude has a slightly different effect. If it is our attitude that we are happy with our job because it allows us to pay the bills, and we are having a good time with our co-workers, and therefore it is okay to stick it out in this dead end job ~ our attitude prevents us from making promotion, or improving ourselves to the point where we create prospects for ourselves.

In other words, it is our focus and/or attitude that dictates which part of our job grows.
The same thing is true for our lives. If we are going some place with an attitude that we are going to have fun, chances are we will! And that part of our lives we focus on, expands.

What this means is that we are in control whether the positive aspects of life expand.

It does require however, that we are willing to take an honest look at ourselves. At our attitudes. At where we put our focus, as sometimes what we do is not straightforward and far from obvious ~ and can have us convinced that we are making things better, while we are not making a whole lot of progress...
If we really want to take control, we need to focus on the things that do work in our lives, in our jobs, and allow those to expand. We need to adjust our attitudes to set ourselves up for positive experiences! And expect good things to start happening...

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