Tuesday, July 23, 2013


There are roughly three kinds of drama.

There is the drama of a play, or even an opera one may watch in the theatre. Here a more or less dramatic plot is played out; in essence for the entertainment of the public.

Then there is the drama people ~ often but not always kids ~ can resort to in order to get their way. The display of their own emotions, chosen to be done in such a way that the other person eventually will react in such a manner that they will achieve their goal, or get what they want. Whether that is out of desperation (‘What do I need to do to make this stop?’), because the other party ‘buys the show’; or even because the other person cannot be bothered enough to call the ‘drama-queen’ or ‘drama-king’ on his or her behavior.
And while seeing this kind of drama being played out as a bystander can be entertaining in some cases, it usually is not.

Yet the real drama plays out in every day life.
In nature where hunting for prey and being the prey that is being hunted ~ where life and death are so closely interwoven ~ drama plays out in every eco system, large or small.

In a slightly different manner, the same thing is true for our lives.
The exuberance of receiving really good news, and the despair of bad news which may make us wonder how we can keep it all together... And while the good news sometimes just moves into our lives without us paying much attention to it; the bad news has a tendency to his us hard!

And it seems that at this point in time there is a lot of this type of drama happening.
Not just drama in the way we perceive things. Just plain dramatic things. Like pets that disappear without a trace. Kids dropping out of school because of (drug related) problems that no-one saw coming. Or people dying at a young age.
The drama that often makes me think: “How did that happen? What went wrong??”

On top of that we, as humans, have a tendency to focus on the dramatic. To pay a lot more attention on the ‘bad things’ that are happening, than we do on the good things that come into our lives.
As we do that ~ especially in this point in time where polarities are so evident ~ it makes it even easier to loose the balance. The more we focus on the drama of life, the greater the chance we get ‘sucked in’ to the sense of despair. The feeling that everything we touch will go wrong...

To regain our balance when drama comes into our lives, it is a good thing to ‘count our blessings’. To purposely focus on the things that are truly ‘good’ in our lives. Even when we are hitting a rough spot and the good things are few and far between...

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