Thursday, July 4, 2013

Your voice

As I said, we all have a voice. And while nature sounds its voices without inhibition, this is not always true for us humans. All too often we hold back. And I don’t mean that we don’t make a sound ~ more that we seem apprehensive when it comes to truly expressing ourselves. It is a lot easier to make a lot of noise without actually saying something ~ without it being a genuine expression of who we are or what we experience at that moment.

Often I hear people say that they don’t have anything to say; that they don’t have anything to offer to the world. That anything worth saying is already been said by others who are way better at saying it...

And while a lot is being said by others ~ as we can be aware of through TV, the internet, radio, and yes (news)papers ~ I believe that each and every one of us has a lot to offer still!

We can use our voice to sing. We can use our voice to express joy. We can use our voice to express the experience of Peace, or ‘stillness’, or ‘connectedness’. We can use our voice to teach our children, to tell the stories we grew up with. We can use our voice to talk about the things we would do different if we would have a chance at doing is all over again ~ and why, and what we have learned from our mistakes, and how we have come out stronger for it. So others can learn from our experiences...

But in the end, using our voice has to do with expressing our genuine selves more than it has to do with  the words we are speaking or writing. This means that using your voice can be through movement, through dance. Or through painting. Or through pretty much any activity ~ anything we may be doing ~ that we are passionate about. That makes us happy. Whether it is in what we do for a living, as a hobby, or in being and living who we feel we truly are at that point in time.

And we can use our voice to form a group, to bring our voices together in a way that draws more attention to the message we intend to get across. If we choose to do so ~ let it be a message of oneness; a message of Peace...

In doing so I am certain that through using our voice, we all have a lot to offer to the world!

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