Tuesday, July 2, 2013


There are many, many voices. Not only does each of us have a voice;pretty much everything around us has a voice as well. Some of those voices are quite obvious ~ like a barking dog, or ducks making a racket in the stream in front of my house. Others are not as obvious, even though they can be loud. Like cars and trucks. We tend to be so used to the sound of those that it only really attracts our attention when they are accompanied by sirens, or when a car suddenly lacks that familiar noise ~ like an electric car can drive by us in an almost ghost-like manner.

But to hear most voices around us, we will have to stop and listen. To be still ourselves ~ both as in ‘not moving around’ as well as in quieting our mind and certainly stop talking...

To be still and listen to the song of the birds. To be still and hear the quiet cat-feet on the floor. To truly listen to a tree, to hear the quaint sound on the breeze...
They often have a lot to say to us, as soon as we stop and listen. Even if it is just to enjoy the moment. To take a deep breath, and to connect to our surroundings at this moment in time.

And perhaps that was what these little voices were telling us all along ~ that it is a good thing to get ourselves to enjoy the moment.

This morning I woke up with the distinct voice of ‘paper’ in my mind.
I have to admit, I have never thought of ‘paper’ in that way ~ in it having a voice of its own.

I am fully aware that paper is used to express the voices of others ~ through newspapers and books; or little notes on the fridge. Then there are the sounds of paper ~ like a sheet of paper falling on the floor, or when we crumble up a sheet of paper ~ and then the tiny crackles as it sometimes unfolds itself again ever so slightly...

Of course, waking up with ‘the voice of paper’ in my mind may well indicate that while paper does have a voice of its own, its meaning in this case is symbolic. In which case ‘paper’ may for instance refer to ‘money’. ‘Money talks’.

All in all those voices that are around us are worth listening to every once in a while ~ if only because they help us connect to our environment in this very moment, and in doing so help us connect to the core of ourselves, now...

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