Friday, June 28, 2013


There are many advantages to writing.

Writing is a manner to put words to your feelings; when writing nebulous plans and vague ideas get firmer outlines. You can write a ‘to do list’ from which you can cross off all the things you have accomplished already. And when you write about the things that are bothering you, by entrusting them to paper ~ or the computer as the case may be ~ you put them outside of yourself. And by doing so you can gain perspective.
Then there is the writing of stories. To just let the words flow as they are painting the picture of your imagination. Creative writing. Sometimes this can be a mental exercise, yet it can also be an intuitive process through which the whispers of your mind float to the surface and are strung into a tale...

And perhaps most of all ~ once the words are written they will not be forgotten. You don’t have to remember, they are right there for you to get back to whenever you need them.

There may not be quite as many ways in which to write ~ but here too different ways have different advantages...
Nowadays almost all writing is done digitally. On computers, tablets and smart phones. It is fast, simple and easy to read for anyone. As opposed to some handwriting.
Yet anything that is handwritten has a tendency to convey emotion as well as the intended message ~ the words. Even though the handwriting can be easily recognized, when a person is excited it looks slightly different from when a person is calm, cool and collected. And this effect can be greater or smaller depending on what instrument is used to write with. To me ballpoint written text has less ‘extras’, less ‘energy’ than for instance text written with pencil of a fountain pen.
Yet perhaps what has most impact are words written in our environment. Graffiti, for instance. Even though it often doesn’t look good and is pasted on surfaces where it shouldn’t have been painted on; it does have an impact. It evokes emotions in those who see it.
Or words or shapes written in de soil. For instance on the beach, where they will almost always be temporary... Words written with low tide will disappear when the water returns, washing the message into the sea.

Words that are written can spell powerful messages ~ after all, the pen is mightier than the sword. But then again, perhaps even more important is how it allows us to express ourselves. In our personal and very private diaries. Or for the whole world to read.

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